Things I've Never Done...

Because I've been 37 years old for almost a whole month, I've come up with a list of Things I've Never Done.  Some of the things I hope to be able to do someday.  And other things, well, I'll probably never even attempt to do.

37 Things I've Never Done

1.  Traveled any where outside the U.S. or Mexico. 
2.  Visited the pyramids or any of the amazing archaeological sites Mexico has to offer. 
3.  Learned to drive a stick shift.
4.  Jumped out of an airplane.
5.  Had a pedicure.  (Probably never will.  I'm not comfortable with strangers touching my feet.)

6.  Gotten a tattoo. 
7.  Made love in an elevator.

8.  Ventured farther south in Mexico than Guadalajara. 
9.  Gone skinny dipping.
10.  Worn an evening gown. 
11.  Met my first childhood crush: Donny Osmond! (♥)

 12.  Met my teenage crush: Tommy Lee (♥♥♥)

13.  Done Yoga or Pilates.
14.  Had a Pumpkin Pie Latte. But I have come up with my own version. I call it Pumpkin Spice Mexican Hot Chocolate
15.  Stepped foot inside a Starbuck's. (Remeber, I've lived in Small Town, Mexico for the past 11 years.)   
16.  Had a Quinceañera or Sweet Sixteen party. 
17.  Gotten drunk.  (Unless you count that one New Year's Eve where I drank too much sparkling apple cider, but it shouldn't count because it was sparkling apple cider.)  
18.  Been on a cruise.
19.  Smoked a cigar. 
20.  Won anything. (Prize, Raffle, Car, Lottery, Grammy, Oscar, Nobel Peace Prize....)

21.  Cared much for exercise
22.  Had to save the world. 
23.  Ridden off into the sunset. (Although, I have flown down to Mexico at sunrise with Hubby!)   
24.  Had a limpia (Mexican spiritual cleansing). (But I think I might know someone who can hook me up.)
Ashley giving my suegro (father-in-law) a limpia

25.  Traveled alone.  
26.  Gone on a blind date. 
27.  Thrown a big party while my mom/grandparents were out of town. 
28.  Fired a weapon. (A BB gun at summer camp doesn't count.) 
29.  Heard Hubby say, "Leslie, you've got some 'splainin to do!" 

30.  Gone to Vegas as an adult, so I could do something that should stay in Vegas. 
31.  Had a surprise party.
32.  Kicked Hubby out of bed for eating crackers. 
33.  Seen any of The Godfather movies. 
34.  Been a bridesmaid.
35.  Fainted.
36.  Been to New York City.
37.  Joined the Mile-High Club. ;)

What are some of things you haven't done???

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  1. Marc, there are certain things on the list that I do want to get around to doing one of these days, others not so much.  And as soon as I do any of them, I will share my experience on the blog! :)  

    Is there anything you haven't done???

  2. Hmmm - I have to agree with the pedicure one. I don't want anyone touching my feet - not to mention, I hate feet. Nor have I gone skinny dipping. But the Pumpkin Spice Latte - that's just shamefull. LOL

  3. Well, one thing I did was to start combining your list into various Trifectas.  What I didn't do was to publish them here.  After all, I do have a reputation.

  4. Jessica Olivarez MazoneOctober 18, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    Dye my hair pink
    See the Pyramids, any of them
    Ride a motrocycle
    Get another Tattoo
    See Niagra Falls
    Go to England

    Drag Race at least once
    Buy a 95 supersport Impala
    Buy and rebuild a 63 Impala

  5. Jenny @simmerandsteamOctober 18, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    Girl I agree with Nicole. You need to hop on that Pumpkin Spice Latte pony. For you, because there are no starbucks' in your area, I am going to dedicate a blog post to you and MAKE pumpkin spice syrup so you can enjoy bliss. Love this post!!!

  6. Great list! I'm going to have to do something thinking on one of my own.

    P.S. Pumpkin Spice lattes are WAY overrated! ;)

  7. I don't have a single tattoo and never will. I don't hate them or anything but it isn't for me.
    I have never been parasailing but would like to try.
    I have never bungee jumped and don't plan to... ever.

  8. njones@justicejonesie.comOctober 18, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    Agree with Marc! Maybe it's time to try a few of these out?  I would make #5 the first thing you do. Then save the world!! :)  
    I have never fainted or had a Quince.  A couple of other things but those just stood out.  

  9. Okay, you should definitely take care of a few of those - at least the stuff to see/do in Mexico, you need to go and blog about it so the rest of us can live vicariously through you!

  10. Great post, very fun. I did two of them at the same time. I got a tattoo, but I fainted right before I did it. LOL

  11. i have never been south of Guadalajara either. As far as Mexico is concerned. I don't have any tatoos. The Godfather movies are overrated, don't bother. Starbucks is overpriced, and Central American coffee is better anyway. Or just as good. Starbucks is rather good. I have never made love in an elevator, either. But I don't want to to do that anyway. Hmmmm.....

  12. I love this list - I haven't done many of things on your list too.  But some things I've never done that's not on your list is

    1. Eaten at a really nice restaurant alone.
    2. Attended a black tie event
    3. Had a facial

  13. Amiga, te gustan los chavos con mucho cabellos! So is this your bucket list, now?

    Let's see ... never:

    Had my nose pierced (I want badly)
    Got a tattoo
    Ate a snail
    Wanted shepherd's pie
    Jumped into the deep end of a pool
    Wore anything yellow

  14. Leslie, what are some of the things that you'll never attempt to do? I'm most surprised by #5 :)

  15. what an interesting list!! wow, puts a lot of things into perspective. 

    a few things I've not done yet, but hope to: 

    go to Africa (Ghana, S. Africa, Kenya, a few other countries)
    dive in the great barrier reef
    jump out of a plane though my entire fam did last year in HI while I stayed in and slept
    no tattoos, now or never
    visit Russia
    ride a motorcycle on my own 

    And, I'm with Paty: Pumpkin Spice Latte's are way, way overrated. At least the soy chai latte is decent. 

  16. i was freaked out by pedicures too, but now i'm hooked! There's nothing like soft, pretty feet! In fact i got one today in preparation for baby and no time for  myself for awhile!

  17. Hi!!! Great list... I've never been to Mexico... I should have out that on my list :-)
    Girl In Shoes

  18. I HATE people touching my feet...strangers or not. But after a few drinks of wine I enjoy a good pedi.

  19. Interesting list!! I agree, it would be fun to see you blog about whittling some of these down. :)

  20. Pedicures are awesome. I get one every two weeks.

    Yoga is amazing and I love my three tattoos, but I understand they aren't for everyone.

    But the bridesmaids thing? You are very lucky on that.

  21. Si, amiga!  I've always had a weakness for guys with long hair! :P  

    Love your list, Ezzy!  I never would have thought you would want your nose pierced.  But I think it's cool! :)  

    Sapo Verde!!! :)  

  22. I'm not prone to fainting, but I'd probably faint just before getting a tattoo too! :P 

  23. Some of the things on my list that I'll never attempt to do is jump out of an airplane, fire a weapon, get drunk and get a tattoo!  Unless I go to Vegas! LOL :)  

  24. Never worn an evening gown?! Go get one.  And wear it while you cook dinner!  As long as you don't don the spanx, it will feel lovely!  And, I have to admit that one of the happiest parts about having all sons is I don't have to plan one single Quinceañera.  The esposo is quite thrilled about it too!

  25. No Godfather movies, oh boy you don't know what you're missing!

  26. I haven't done a lot of those stuff either, especially never getting drunk! I had to laugh at your hubs using the Desi line. Don't worry about not going into a Starbucks, you're not missing out on anything besides free wifi.

  27. love your list! I too have not watched the godfather movies... but I met francis coppola.

  28. Wow, from looking at your list I realize Ive done quite a few things for my 30 years! :D What I havent done is jumped from a plane witha parachute, or gone paraglading in Lima. That may change soon as I now live 3 blocks away from the cliffs in Lima where the paragladers take off.

  29. Loved your list.  I have to admit there are a few on there I have done!

  30. Leslie, I don't know whether this makes me a good influence or a bad influence, but I've done a lot of things on your list! :)

  31. Glad your list went longer than most of the others, you're a funny girl! I like! Now you need to go on an adventure and cross most of those out. :)

  32. Si, pero se que no me iria muy bien en el trabajo si tuviera uno. I just want a tiny little spec of a stud, nothing like a bull's ring. : ) We really missed you this weekend, amiga. Next year!