Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Revolution Day!

Handkerchief:  8 pesos
Horse:  25 pesos
Shirt:  49 pesos
Jeans:  98 pesos
Boots:  159 pesos
Carrilleras (Bandoliers):  30 pesos

Seeing Jack dressed up as a Revolucionario for the Revolution Day parade: Priceless!

Viva la Revolucion Mexicana!

(A big thank you to my friend Nancy for providing me with the English word for Carrilleras.)


  1. Oh he looks adorable! I so want to live in Mexico!

  2. I love the horse he's riding, I think I had one just like it when I was his age!

  3. You forgot the mustache. He looks so authentic, great job.

  4. cute costume! Happy Revolution Day to you :)

    Visiting from LBS

  5. I'm visiting from the LBS Tea Party....I know I'm a bit late but I am an old lady from the UK! Just to say I am your latest follower because I love your blog and would love to know more about's on my countries to visit in the next 18 months. Your son looks fantastic by the way,

  6. Hi Leslie! This is Jackie ( and I saw the comment you left regarding the Christmas candy. I wanted to know if you've found any yet or is there a way I could send it to you? Do you and your family make it to GDL often? I was thinking about you also because of Thanksgiving just being around the corner. I love the holidays and Thanksgiving is the only holiday I'm not able to celebrate because I don't know how to cook and well, here in GDL I haven't found American friends. When we lived in Puerto Vallarta it was a very different situation. Nevertheless, is there a way I can contact you so that I don't have to leave such long messages in your "comment" section?

  7. Hi Leslie!

    Just dropping by from the LB Tea Party. How is Mexico?

    Jack looks adorable (and cool!) and this is a lovely blog. I wish you and your family all the best there.


    P.S. Do drop by if you can. I'd love to have you.

  8. I was going to write a post about Revolution Day -- until I realized just how sad the event really is. Rather like celebrating the sadness of our Civil War. Instead, I decided to enjoy the sight of kids dressed up in their costumes. Nice photograph of Jack.

  9. He looks cute. Happy Revolution Day to you too.

  10. I came from the Lady Blogger's Tea Party! I love this picture! It reminds me of my cousins in Israel during the Jewish holiday of Purim! So awesome!