Memes Navideños #SpanishFriday

¡Llego la navidad! Espero que todos estén pasando una navidad muy feliz. Se dice que no hay mejor regalo que una sonrisa, así que a continuación les comparto unos memes navideños en español que espero que los haga sonreír.

Mis mejores deseos para todos en esta navidad...

Chabelo primera navidad

Our (Top 12) Favorite Christmas Movies

It's here! Christmas week is finally here! And I am as happy and excited as Buddy the Elf. The kiddies are all on Christmas break and this week is filled with of some of our favorite family traditions. Baking cookies on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve), driving around our small town at night to admire the houses decorated with Christmas lights, la cena de Nochebuena (Christmas Eve dinner), el recalentado (Christmas leftovers), lighting fireworks, spending time with family and friends, and watching our favorite Christmas movies.

If you ask my kiddies, they´ll tell you that their favorite Christmas tradition is to curl up on the couch with with a big fuzzy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa or Mexican atole to watch our favorite Christmas movies. We have quite a few Christmas movies that we just have to watch year after year, but I've managed to narrow that list down to twelve and an honorable mention, because Hubby can't imagine Christmas without watching his favorite movie.

Top 12 Favorite Christmas Movies -