Wide Awake

There comes a time in life when you just want to take back every nice word you ever said about certain things.  That moment has come for me today.  If you ever read through my old blog posts, please disregard every word I've ever written about how much I love "falling back" for the end of Daylight Savings.  I am so not feeling the love for it this year.  Sure, I like that it's already light out when the older kiddies have to leave for school at 7am, but that's it.

My biggest problem with "falling back" this year is that it is turning Hubby and me into an old married couple. Yes, I do realize that 19 years of marriage already qualifies us as an old married couple, but this whole "falling back" business has us feeling and acting almost twice our age.

Before "falling back" Hubby and I would go to bed around 10pm.  He'd watch YouTube videos on his cell, while I read a book on my tablet before falling asleep between 10:30 and 11pm.  Hubby would sleep through most of the night, unless the mosquitoes were bothering us or Lucy was barking to be let out, and would wake up at 7 to take Hope and Nick to school. So most of the time he'd get a full 8 hours of sleep.  I on the other hand only need 6 or 7 hours to feel like I got a good night's sleep, so most days I'd wake up sometime between 5 or 6am.  I'd lay in bed with my tablet reading one of my food magazines or catching up on my favorite blogs until it was actually time for me to get up and out of bed (6:30am).

But ever since "falling back" Hubby and I have been going to bed between 8 and 8:30pm almost every night.  By then we've already worked a full day, closed the shop, had dinner with my suegro (father-in-law), and gotten the kiddies' lunches ready for school the next day.  And in case you're wondering why we don't stay up and watch TV like most people do, we don't have cable or even a TV in the house anymore. (It's at my suegro's house, which is where we spend most of our free-time.)  But I digress.

Hubby's lucky that he falls asleep within 10 to 15 minutes of laying down. So if we're going to bed at 8, that means Hubby's fast asleep before 8:30pm.  For the first couple of nights I would tease Hubby about having turned into old man just like his dad, who goes to bed as soon as the sun goes down.  Those first nights after "falling back" I'd manage to stay awake until almost 10 watching Netflix or The Voice.  But then something changed.  What exactly, I'm not sure.  And now all of a sudden, I find myself falling asleep between 8:30 and 9pm, sometimes even earlier.

Now I'm sure some of your are thinking, "Leslie, why are you complaining? The earlier you go to sleep...the more sleep you get!"  I thought the same thing.  But I was wrong!  My internal clock still only needs 6 hours of sleep.  That means I'm wide awake by as early as 2:30 in the morning!  Most mornings I manage to sleep in until about 4am.  But there are rare mornings, like today, when I'm awake at 2:30am.  It's ridiculous!  Who in their right mind wants to be awake that early?!  Especially on days when I don't need to get kiddies ready and out the door for school.  So...I read, I watch videos, and I toss and turn for a couple of hours hoping I go back to sleep, because the clock is telling me it's too early to get up.  But my brain has a mind of it's own. It's had it's 6 hours of sleep.  Once it wakes up, that's it.  It refuses to go back to sleep.  Hubby wakes up at around the same time, because I woke him up with my tossing and turning, but in less than an hour he's asleep again and stays asleep until his alarm clock goes off at 7am (Monday - Friday).

Of course the really bad thing about waking up at 4am is that by the time 8pm rolls around, I'm completely wiped out and ready to call it a night.  And then 6 hours later, I'm wide awake again!   It's a terribly vicious cycle.  I've turned into my grandparents and my suegro.  Early to bed and super early to rise.

All I want to know now is how do I make it stop?!


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