The little boy who never wanted to go to school...

Once upon a time, in a tiny Mexican village, lived a little boy named Jack.  Jack was a typical 7 year old little boy who loved to play soccer, ride his bike, and jump rope.  But there was one thing that Jack didn't like to do and that was go to school.

It started back when he was 5 years old and had just started kindergarten.  Every morning, when his mommy would wake him up, he'd bury his head under his pillow and complain, "Mommy, I don't want to go to school today!"

It's not that he didn't like his teacher or his classmates.  He loved them.  And once he was at school, he actually liked being there.  On the way home from school, all he talked about was how much fun he'd had and all the cool things he had learned that day.

But the very next day, it started all over again.
"Mommy!  I don't want to go to school today."
"Why m'ijo?"
"Because I love you.  And when I'm at school, I miss you too much."
His arguments were always so very cute and sweet.  But Jack's mommy was strong and smart (and not to mention incredibly beautiful and talented) and always sent him to school anyway.  So sometimes Jack would try to see if he could convince his daddy.
"Daddy, I don't want to go to school today."
"Why m'ijo?"
"Because you're like the coolest dad in the world with the best job ever and I want to be just like you when I grow up." 
As you can see, Jack has always been a very smart little boy.

Jack's Mommy and Daddy knew that this not wanting to go to school thing was just a phase and that all they had to do was wait patiently for Jack to grow out of it.

Jack is now 7 years old and in the first grade.   He's older and wiser.  And he's finally starting to realize that he's never going to convince his mommy and daddy to let him stay home from school.  But still he has his moments.  Just last week, he tried to bribe his mommy with the money he got from the Tooth Mouse.

He tried to bribe his mommy with 20 pesos!!!

What 7 year old little boy does that?

Jack's mommy and daddy really hope that when he gets older, Jack will use his genius powers for good and not evil.

To be continued....

What's the most creative excuse you've heard (or used) to try to get out of going to school (or work)?   Did it work?


Spiders and Scorpions, Oh My!

'Tis the season, lads and lassies.  'Tis the season for big hairy spiders.  And 'tis one of the only downsides to the delightful spring weather we are enjoying.

The other day, I was going about my morning doing my chores and getting the kiddies ready for school.  When along came this spider that has to be the biggest, scariest looking spider I've ever seen.  I screamed.  Nick handed me my camera so I could snap a quick pic.  Then Hubby quickly introduced the spider to the business end of his work boot.  And we all lived happily ever after.

(Sigh!)  My hero!  A true knight in shining armor, ready and willing to slay creepy crawlers who threaten the peace and tranquility of this fair maiden.

But that wasn't always the case.

There was that time last summer, when my kitchen was broke and I was stuck washing dishes in the lavadero in my back patio.  I glanced down and was surprised to see a creepy little spider, almost identical to the spider from last week, just centimeters away from my chancla (flip-flop) clad foot.  I screamed.  And seconds later Hubby came to the rescue and saved the spider.   The SPIDER!!!  Not me.   (Tsk, tsk, tsk.)

You see, Hubby is a kind, caring soul with a weakness for animals and insects of all kinds.  After all, they are God's creatures put on this earth for a purpose.  So, instead of killing or swatting away at these bugs, my dear husband captures them and then releases them back into the wild -- the big empty lot next to our house.  And that's exactly what he did with that spider.

Unfortunately, that same spider made his way back into my house a couple of days later and I was forced to take matters into my own hands foot.  Scare me once, shame on you.  Scare me twice, adios amigo.

The only time Hubby doesn't even think about trying to rescue these creepy crawlers is when it's something poisonous like a capulina (black widow spider) or an alacran (scorpion).  We found a capulina weaving her web in my kitchen cabinet this morning.  She was put to death that instant.

I joke and laugh about it now, but spiders and scorpions should be taken very seriously.  Their bites can be fatal.  If you or someone you know is ever bit by a spider or scorpion, head to your local clinic, hospital or doctors office to be treated immediately.  For those of you here in Mexico, you might want to keep an allergy medication like Avepena on hand at all times.  (That concludes this Public Service Announcement.  Gracias.) 

Modern medicine aside, some people believe you can wipe out any possible effects by cleaning the bite with a little bleach.  It's also believed that if you're a mean, ornery person, you won't feel any effects at all.  (I'm thinking it's some kind of professional courtesy or something like that.)

If all else fails, you could try drinking a cup of hot milk.  When Hubby was about 10 years old, he was stung by a scorpion hiding in his shirt, that my suegra had just ironed minutes before.  My suegro was the neighborhood lechero (milkman), so my suegra always had freshly squeezed cow's milk on hand, and just happened to have a large pot simmering on the stove.  Hubby drank a cup of the hot milk and wasn't phased at all by the scorpion sting.  (Or so he thinks.)  

Have you ever had any close encounters with creepy crawlers?


Are we done yet?

I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since my last blog post!  It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say or that I’ve given up on this blog, it’s just that I’ve been a little busy working in Hubby’s OUR upholstery shop filling an order for some seats for a new nightclub that will be opening soon here in town. 

In total, we made 80 of these cute little benches in both ivory and dark chocolate brown vinyl.  (It’s going to be a HUGE 3-story nightclub with an indoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool.)  For the last 3 weeks, Hubby and I worked side-by-side from 9am to 10pm.  Sometimes Hubby had to work on other things that came into the shop, and I had to take breaks to do things like laundry, make lunch, and help the kiddies with their homework.   But for the most part, our lives revolved around making these seats.

After about the first 30 or so, Hubby and I kept asking each other, “Are we done yet?”
We made so many taburetes, that eventually we lost count.  Hubby thought we had only made about 40, while I was pretty sure we had already made like 215.  Turns out, we were both wrong, and we made a teeny, tiny miscalculation.  We were supposed to make 40 of each color, but when Hubby went to count them at the nightclub, he saw that we had made 50 of the ivory and only 10 of the dark brown.  Oops!   Lucky for us, the nightclub owner didn’t mind. 

I don’t know how we did it, but we managed to finish the remaining 20 seats in just 3 days.  All I know is that I don’t want to see that dark chocolate vinyl for a very long time.  Or at least a week, since it is the most requested material in the shop.    

It has been a very long 3 weeks.   Our blood, sweat and tears went into the making of those taburetes. And I am so happy to finally be done with them.  I was starting to have nightmares about them multiplying like gremlins. 

Now I'm just looking forward to our lives returning to some sense of normalcy, with more time to do the things I love, like blogging, and even the things and I don't love, like housework. 

So...did you miss me?