Halloween 2010


With Love from Cavegirl, Nerdy Boy, Snow White and El Chavo del 8.


Witch Parking?

I saw this earlier this month in El Jardin (the townsquare) and couldn't resist taking a picture. 

Now if only I could come up with a clever caption!


Desperately seeking Martha Stewart...

I need your help.

For months, I've had a few ideas and plans for my living room.  Big plans.  A la Extreme Makeover.  Easy on the extreme.  

During the owner's visit in August, she gave us permission to paint the walls, if we wanted.  She chose the Flame Blue before we moved in and I've maintained it by touching it up every year to cover up the artwork and fingerprint smudges left behind by my mini-Picassos.

I love light blue.  It's my favorite color, but it kind of clashes with the black and off-white mosaico floor tiles.

I can craft.  I can sew.  I'm even somewhat creative.  But when it comes to interior design, I'm completely clueless.  I don't know if I'm supposed to match the decor to the wall, the floor or the furniture.  Last year, we started to re-upholster our couches.  The gold and navy blue really clashed with the walls and floor.  Hubby re-did the loveseat in a peanut butter faux leather, although it looked amazing, it didn't look right in our living room.  And we put the project on hold.

I painted the arches that separate my living room and dining room a neutral pearl color to see what it would look like with the floor.  It looks nice.  It matches with the floor tiles.  But it's not me.  I need color!  I'm just not a neutral kind of gal. 

After I finished my multi-colored dining room chairs, I considered doing the same thing with my couches...Having Hubby upholster the couches in a chic off-white faux leather and the cushions in bright colors.  But the light blue walls really throw me off! 

It's not in my budget to repaint the entire house, but painting an accent wall here and there is!  But what color?  Do I leave the pearl?  Do I want the accent wall to play off the light blue? 

Or the black and white tiles?

Or should I keep the blue walls, and just add a black trim to the top and bottom, like this room I found on BHG (Better Homes & Gardens)?

What is a girl to do?  We spend most of our time in the living room, watching tv, reading, playing, etc.  It has to be family friendly, but I want it to look nice and put together.

Any suggestions? 


It's good to be back...

I'm baaaaaack!

I'm so sorry to have disappeared.  I spent most of last week trying to catch up on housework and laundry.  After spending 4 weeks in bed with my asthma, I was ecstatic to be able to clean my house, do laundry, grocery shop, take care of my family and just enjoy life.

So now that I'm all caught up at home, it's time to catch you all up on what's been going on in our lives.

Did you know that Fall is the beginning of the holiday season for us?  There are birthdays, anniversaries and a couple of holidays to celebrate from now until Valentine's Day!   

On October 15th, Hubby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  We didn't go out to celebrate because I was still recuperating, but we did spend a quiet night at home together, and that's all that really matters.

A few days later (October 21st) we celebrated Hubby's 38th birthday!  I made him his favorite meal and a delicious Guava cake.  Oddly enough, his favorite meal isn't Mexican food.  He loves a good T-bone steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and cheese biscuits.

On Saturday, we went to Hubby's aunt's house to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday, where we had the most delicious Birria de pollo.  There was also plenty of goat Birria, but I've already shared how Goat meat and Hubby do not get along!

This week, I am going to be busy finishing up the kiddies Halloween costumes and planning Nick's birthday party!     

And on top of all that, the entire family is busy planning a BIG celebration for my in-law's 46th wedding anniversary in December!  Yes, we know that it's customary to celebrate the 50th, but we like to do things differently.  I just wish my bloggy friends lived closer so I could invite you! 

So...what have you been up to? 


Counting my blessings...

This week is turning out to be filled with blessings.

Being the Featured Blogger on SITS yesterday had to be one of the best days for me as a blogger.   Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that my little blog would receive so many visitors and comments.  It was a day I won't soon forget. 

An even bigger blessing has to be my health.  Finally, after 4 long weeks of struggling with my asthma, it seems my new medicine is working wonders.  Best of all, I am starting to feel like my old self.  I had almost forgotten what that felt like. 

And today we received a bountiful blessing.  One of Hubby's cousins delivered 3 bags filled with chayotes, granadas (pomegranates), limas and pumpkins that were harvested on his farm. I've been craving pumpkins since the beginning of Fall, but haven't found any in town.  I've got big plans for this little pumpkin.    

This is just a sampling of what we received.  
What are you thankful for today?


It's a Fiesta!

Last Thursday, after a hurried morning of rushing the kiddies to school, I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and to check my email.  I glanced at the names to see which message to open first: Facebook, Twitter, Martha Stewart.  Such tough decisions for a Thursday morning. 

One name in particular stood out amongst the crowd.

I couldn't believe it.  My heart just about jumped out of my chest.  I looked at the subject line and held my breath for a moment before reading it out loud...

It's your turn to be featured! 

Ay.  Dios.  Mio.  Somebody call the mariachi band, because today is my SITS day!   

*For those of you unfamiliar with SITS...The Secret to Success is Support is a group of over 7,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another.

Welcome to Mexico, SITStas!  I'm Leslie Limón and I have been living in this beautiful country for 10 glorious years.  I'm a devoted wife and stay-at-home mom.  When I'm not busy caring for my 4 kiddies, our 2 cats, the house and helping my Hubby in his upholstery shop...I like to collect cows, sew, sing (mostly in the shower or while washing dishes) and photograph the world around me.  My biggest passion is cooking.  I love it so much that I also have a food blog where I share all of my delicious Mexican recipes.     

Here at Motherhood in Mexico, I blog about life, love, laughter, adventure and raising my family in a Mexican pueblito (small town).  To give you a glimpse of what our life in Mexico is like, I recommend reading:

And if you'd like to know more about our story, check out the posts listed in the "Best of" tab.

Make yourselves at home, grab a cup of coffee and I hope you have a lovely visit.   

Mi casa es su casa! 

It's all about the sidewalk...

Bright and early every morning, while I'm getting the kiddies ready for school, I can hear the swishing of my neighbors' brooms as they sweep their sidewalks and piece of street in front of their houses.  Yes, that's what we do in Mexico.  We sweep our sidewalks and street every morning.  A clean sidewalk and street are signs of a clean home and proof that you're a good ama de casa (housewife).

I'm one of the few neighbors with children, so I don't get outside to sweep until after the I drop off the last kiddie at school.  By then, my suegro (father-in-law) has already taken care of any leaves and debris. On the days when Hubby takes the kiddies to school, I happily grab my broom to give the sidewalk and street a good cleaning.

But this month, I've been hesitant to sweep.  It's Fall.  I miss seeing multi-hued leaves on the ground.  So, I leave the leaves right where they are.  The above picture may not look like much, but to me it almost feels like this:

My suegro isn't such a fan of leaves.  Usually, he'll sweep them up if I don't.  My darling Hubby has asked him to leave the leaves alone this week, so I can enjoy my imaginary Fall.

But this morning, Hubby and I heard someone sweeping outside our bedroom window.  It was too early to be my suegro, so I opened the front door to find one of my neighbors sweeping my sidewalk.  She greeted me with a smile, then went on to say that she thought that I was probably sick and was unable to sweep.  She swept up the leaves so I didn't have to worry about them.

 Who needs Fall when you have such thoughtful neighbors. 


Paying It Forward...

When I started this blog, way back in February 2009, I was aware that there were other Gringos living in Mexico, but I had the naive notion that I was the only one blogging about it.

For weeks, I blogged happily under that assumption before curiosity got the best of me.  I consulted my dear friend, Señor Google and quickly discovered that there were others just like me.  The first expat blogs I found were Rosana's Mexico with Heart, Bill and Trixie's Maine to Mexico and Theresa's What Do I Do All Day.  Rosana and Teresa were kind enough to share my "new" blog with their readers.  It was because of their kindness, that I gained readers, followers and an amazing group of friends.

This week, I stumbled upon a few blogs, that at first glance you would never guess were expat blogs.  After reading through some of their posts, I quickly realized that they were indeed living in Mexico.  I learned something new (and very interesting), that I had no idea even existed in Mexico.

  •  Joanna of Finding Mexico, has been living in Mexico City for about a year with her Hubby and they are expecting their first child. 

These aren't the only blogs I want to share with you.  There are so many wonderful expat blogs, all with unique experiences.  I've gathered most of them in my "new" blog roll that you can find underneath my header.  Click on the link and visit some of the blogs you may or may not have discovered.  I'm pretty sure I've missed a few, so if you know of a great Mexpat blog, let me know in the comments below so I can add it.


Daily Reminders...

It's the little things...like Jack playing an impromptu game of dominoes with Grandpa,

and the kiddies helping Abuelita to make tamales...

...that remind me of why I'm so glad we moved to Mexico.