Hello, Kitty...

My new kitty is having an identity crisis!

At first sight of this orange bundle of joy, my kiddies were reminded of Garfield, the cute, round, cartoon cat.  I joked with the kiddies, that as long as I didn't have to make the cat any lasagna, they could name him Garfield.

But hours later, they decided that he looked more like a cheese puff, so they named him Cheetoh.

Nick decided to take it one step further and name the cat after the Cheetoh's cat, so his name was now Chester Cheetoh.  But that name didn't really sit well with me, because it also happens to be my dad's name.  Something about naming pets after family members just doesn't seem right! 

Hubby had a hard time keeping up with all of the names, so he just started calling the cat Naranjita.  (Naranja is the Spanish word for Orange.)

The names just kept changing.  For a short while, he was also called Mandarina (Tangerine), Cheddar, Nacho and Fanta.

So, here we are 2 days later and we still haven't decided on a name for our kitty.  Any suggestions? 

Update:  The kiddies finally decided to call him Chimi, which is short for Chimichurri.  


Reuse. Recycle. Re-Upholster?

My latest project is not only bright and colorful, it's also Eco-friendly.

During the kiddies' Spring Break, I re-upholstered my dining room chairs using nothing but scraps from Hubby's upholstery shop.

And I inadvertently put a stop to the kiddies fighting over which chair belongs to whom.  Hope's is purple, Ashley's is pink, mine is orange, Jack chose silver, Nick's got red and Hubby opted for yellow. 

I think I'm going to call my work of art "Leslie and the Amazing Technicolor Dining Room".

Happy Earth Day! 


New Kid on the Block...

Hubby and I swore that our last one was going to be exactly that...our last one!

But you know how these things go.  Sometimes it's just too hard to resist.  Hubby and I got caught up in the moment and threw caution to the wind.

It was completely unplanned.  And we couldn't be happier.

Meet the newest addition to the Limon Family...Garfield.

Isn't he just the cutest little thing?

He'll be sleeping in the shop until big brother, Brownie gets used to the new baby.  (At the moment, Brownie's not too keen on the idea.  We're all hoping that he'll get over it soon!)


Jack Goes to the Dentist...

A lot of people NOB (North of the Border) always ask me what medical and dental costs are like in Mexico.  Well, I'm not really the right person to ask.

Take for instance, Jack's first cavity.

My poor little boy woke up one Sunday morning, crying and complaining of a toothache.  We (Hubby and I), being expert parents, checked to see what was going on in Jack's mouth and discovered that Jack had a cavity.

I immediately gave Jack some chewable Tempra and applied a couple of cold compresses to relieve his pain.  All the while, reassuring Jack that all would be fine.  After all, one of Hubby's brothers is a dentist.  (Aren't we lucky?) 

First thing Monday morning, Hubby told his brother about Jack's cavity.  My kind cuñado (brother-in-law) said that he could squeeze Jack in that afternoon.  (Cool!  No appointment necessary!)

Jack and I made the long walk over to my mother-in-law's house, 3 houses away from mine.  Did I mention that my brother-in-law's dental office is right above my in-law's home?  Well, it is!

When we got to the waiting room, I saw that my bro-in-law was still busy with one of his patients.  It really wasn't a problem.  We could and would wait as long as necessary.

BUT...I popped my head into the other dentist's office to say "HI" to our dear family friend, who my kiddies have adopted as an honorary uncle.  (Yes, there are two dentist working above my in-law's home!)

Uncle Manny, asked if Jack was with me.  To which I answered, "Sí".  Manny then insisted that I take Jack to him so that he could take care of Jack's cavity.

What an interesting predicament!  Two dentist vying for the chance to care for Jack's cavity.

My bro-in-law popped his head out of his office for a second and nodded in approval as we headed to Manny's consultorio.

Jack sat in THE CHAIR and listened attentively as his Uncle Manny explained what he was going to do.

I was 10 years old when I first went to the dentist and I was scared to death.  But Jack was so brave!  He didn't cry, complain or even whimper.

My brother-in-law popped into Manny's office to see how things were doing.  Then Hubby joined in on the fun.

I think the whole procedure took about 15 minutes, maybe 20.

Okay, so you're probably wondering how much it actually cost.  But you see, this where I am of no help at all because it was FREE!

Living in Mexico has some advantages!


Where's Leslie?

Call off the search party!  You can stop worrying.  I am alive and well.

There is a song here in Mexico called "No estaba muerto, andaba de paranda" (I wasn't dead, I was partying).  Except there wasn't any sex, drugs and rock n' roll kind of partying.  I was enjoying my kiddies' 2-week Spring Break. 

Hubby closed the shop the first week, so we spent most of our time at El Rancho with family and friends, lots of food and a couple of bonfires.  

The second week, was more of the same.  It's a tough life, but somebody's gotta do it!

Yesterday, we decided to spend the kiddies' "official last day of vacation" doing a little sightseeing.  (I will post more about that later.)

And today, everyone is back at the ranch, for one last hoorah.  Well, almost everyone! 

Between the multiple outings to the ranch, sightseeing and the beginning of Daylight Saving's, I am beat and way behind in my beauty rest.  This tired mamacita stayed home to enjoy a Hubby-free, kiddie-free, lazy Saturday afternoon. 

I will return with my somewhat regular posting schedule next week.

Take care and have a great weekend!