The More The Merrier

I am an only child.  So aside from a handful of foster siblings, I have no idea what it's like to live with brothers and/or sisters.

That was my main reason for wanting to have as many kids as possible.  I always felt so alone and would have loved to have a brother or sister.

I remember the days, when Hope was an only child.  Oh how Hubby and I doted on our sweet, little princess.  We held true to first-time parents form and spent every second with Hope.  We were so occupied with watching and caring for Hope, we couldn't imagine how we would care for another child.

When Nick came along. we adapted.  We learned to care for both babies, but again, all our time was dedicated to caring for them.  Taking care of a third child seemed almost impossible.

By the time Ashley came along, I had gained so much confidence as a mom.  I had done a fairly good job of caring for Hope and Nick, having another baby no longer seemed so overwhelming.  I was so at ease with caring for three children, adding another one was something I looked forward to.

Which we did.  Jack was our fourth child.

Raising four children isn't as hard as you think.  Sure, there's never a quiet moment, but I love that!  I love listening to my children play, laugh, squeal and scream. 

This Sunday, we got a taste of what life with one child is like again.  Hope, Nick and Jack went out with my brother-in-law's family.  Ashley didn't want to go, she preferred to stay home and see what life without any siblings is like.

We loved spending some alone time with Ashley.  We played a few games.  Read a couple of books.  And watched T.V.

But the house was too quiet.  Disturbingly quiet.

No one screaming, "Mamáaaaaaa!"

No one screaming at all!

Even Ashley noted that something just didn't feel right.  She loved playing with Mamá and Papá, but she missed playing with her brothers and sisters.  Without them, she just felt kind of bored.

As the afternoon passed, the three of us grew restless.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my three children returned home. As they entered the house, the nerve-wracking silence was broken.  And we couldn't have been happier.

With Love,

Celebrate Good Times...My First Blogiversary!

This time last year, I was bitten by the blogging bug.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, nor did I imagine how much I would enjoy it.

The Limon Family Blog started out as a way to update friends and family on what was going on in our lives and to give them a sense of what it's like to live in Mexico.

But it has evolved into much more.

The best thing that this blog has given me is the wonderful friends that I have made in the expat community, the world of mommy bloggers and with all of you who comment, follow and subscribe to this blog.

I thank you all for the love, support, friendship and advice that you have offered to me this past year.

Hugs to all! 

With Love,

Thank You, Martha Stewart

It's not often that I get to teach my Hubby something new, especially in regards to his work.

Yesterday happened to be one of those moments.

A female customer, requested that Hubby make her 3 vinyl cushions.  She also wanted 3 cloth covers for the cushions, but she wanted something like the fold over sandwich baggies.

Although the woman was speaking Spanish, Hubby was having a hard time understanding what she wanted.  And he's been in the upholstery biz for 19 years!

That's where I stepped in.  I knew exactly what she was talking about.  And we had a two minute conversation about the practicality of these fold-over covers before she left.

Hubby turned to me and asked, "Do you really know what she's talking about?"

To which I answered,  "Of course!  I've seen Martha Stewart do it a couple of times.  How hard can it be?"

I measured.  I cut material.  I hemmed.

I stitched up the sides.

And voila...three fold-over covers! Cute, huh?

I knew all these years of watching Martha Stewart, in English and in Spanish, would come in handy some day!

With Love,

Blame It On the Rain

In the wise words of Milli Vanilli, I am blaming it all on the rain.

I really thought I had a few more months to prepare for the impending arrival of my yearly guests.  There are still things that need to be fixed and supplies to be bought.    

But thanks to the unseasonal rains from earlier this month, I had no time to prepare.

Hubby had just left to take the kiddies to school when I heard it.   A constant scratching noise coming from underneath my kitchen cabinets that can only mean one thing...a mouse or a rat.

As soon as Hubby returned, I told him about our uninvited houseguest.  He and my father-in-law entered the kitchen, armed with broken broomsticks and a flashlight.  They both laid on the floor, looking for the vermin.  Even Jack, who stayed home from kindergarten today, was armed and ready to do some hunting!

That furball knew that he was being hunted.  He scurried from one end of the kitchen cabinets to the other. 

And that is when Hubby saw him.  Not a mouse, but a rat.  A white rat with red eyes!  Ewww!  Then my Hubby said something truly disturbing..."He's kinda cute!"

What?!  No!  Puppy dogs and kittens are cute.  (As is Tyler Florence!) 

Ay, papacito! 

But, rats are disgusting!  And thank goodness that my father-in-law agreed with me.  He insisted that the hunt for Ol' Red Eyes continue.  They moved everything that wasn't bolted to the ground.  And each time they did, the rat scurried into yet another hiding place. His last hiding place was too far out of reach for my heroes.

Time to bring out the heavy artillery.  That old-fashioned rat trap!  Sorry, Pinky or Brain, but your days are numbered!

With Love,

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

February 14th isn't just a day to celebrate with your sweetheart.  In Mexico, it is called Dia del Amor y Amistad...a day to celebrate love and friendship. 

And since many of you have quickly become my friends, I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!  May all of your days be filled with love and friendship.

With Love,

The Best Medicine

I am still on the road to recovery with my cold.  But with all of the medicine I am taking, nothing has made me feel as good as this...

With Love,

How I Learned to Speak Spanish

*I originally posted this story on my recipe blog, but I am posting it here for those of you who are curious as to how I learned to speak Spanish.  

*My Aunt Lidia and me on the ranch in San Luis, Sonora circa 1979

I am 1/4 Mexican, but I didn't learn to speak Spanish until the summer before my 5th birthday.  My grandmother had just married a man that spoke no English.  And I didn't speak a word of Spanish.  Seeing that Pappy and I were having trouble communicating, she took me to San Luis, Sonora, Mexico. (My grandmother was raised in San Luis.) She left me there with one of my aunt's and her family for three months so I could learn Spanish.  Talk about an immersion course!

One of Gramm's brothers, my Tio Ruben, was the only relative that spoke English.  He would stop by daily to see how I was doing and would give me a few pesos to buy dulces (candy).  I would voice all of my complaints and he would translate it to my Tia Lidia.

But Tio Ruben couldn't stay all day.  

The way I communicated with my relatives was through pointing.  I'd point to something, then my aunt or cousins would say the word for the object in Spanish.  If I pointed to the milk carton, my Aunt would say "Leche". 

Whenever I wanted a glass of milk, I would say leche.  But my aunt would then say, "Quiero leche."  At the time, I didn't know what that meant, but whenever I said it, I got a glass of milk. 

Being the genius kid that I was, I learned more and more Spanish everyday.

One morning, my Tia Lidia had prepared the best tasting breakfast I had ever tasted.  Remember I was only 4 years old!  I asked, "Que es?"  My aunt answered, "Chorizo con huevo."  I immediately asked for mas (more).  And spent the rest of the day singing "Chorizo con huevo" all day long.  I requested Chorizo con Huevo for breakfast every morning!

I couldn't wait to share my latest discovery with my Tio Ruben, but he had left San Luis for a couple of weeks.  With no one around to speak English with, my Spanish improved by leaps and bounds.

Two weeks passed and my Tio Ruben had returned from wherever he had been.  Before he could ask how I was doing, I said, "Tio Ruben, me das veinte pesos para comprar huevos y chorizo?"  (Uncle Ruben, can I have twenty pesos to buy eggs and chorizo?)

Tio Ruben laughed and was very happy that the little gringa was finally speaking Spanish.  I didn't speak a word of English for the rest of my stay.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I learned to speak Spanish!

With Love,

I'm a Mess and So Is Everything Else...

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I made it through most of 2009 without a sniffle.

And I managed to escape the cold and flu that ravaged Hubby and the kiddies last month.

But yesterday morning, I awoke with the cold from hell! Achoo!

There is nothing I hate more than that coughing, sneezing, sniffling, achy feeling.  UGH!  Cough, cough!

I get out of bed just long enough to get the kiddies ready for school.  Then I crawl back into bed, pull the blankets over my head and sleep until the kiddies come home.  I only get out of bed when it's time to make lunch.  I'm not able to do much, but it seems that I can cook on auto-pilot.  Achoo!

And I haven't even mentioned the worst part...after a day and a half of trying to fight this cold, I managed to pass it on to my house.  Look at this mess, it's a house!


With Love,


Febrero Loco (Crazy February)

Forgive me friends and readers, for I have slacked.  It has been 9 days since my last post. Nine days!  To some, it might not seem like a long time, but in Blogland it can seem like an eternity.  There are no excuses, but hopefully this post will help to explain.

Have you ever heard the expression "April Showers bring May Flowers"?  In Mexico we have a similar phrase that says, "Febrero loco y Marzo otro poco" (February is crazy and March is even more so).

Well, February 2010 started out completely insane.  Winters in Jalisco can be cold.  And are usually dry.  But not this February.  No, this month started with strong winds, gray clouds and non-stop rain for 5 days.  And just so you understand, rain in winter is very rare weather for where I live. 

The rain, wind and cold temperatures were so bad, that the schools told the kids that it was okay to stay home from school until the weather let up a bit.  Hubby and I were ecstatic with that decision because neither one of us wanted to take an icy cold shower when loading the kiddies into the truck and then again when dropping them off at school.  No, thank you!

To keep warm, I baked and cooked all day, every day, and had a never-ending supply of hot tea, hot cocoa and cafe con leche.  The kids were curled up on the couch with a mountain of blankets, watching their favorite cartoons and movies.

I was completely prepared for this type of situation.

But one thing caught me off guard...Cabin Fever!

I have no problem staying at home with Hubby and the kiddies. I actually prefer it to almost anything.  But something about not being able to go anywhere without getting wet and probably catching my death from a cold really got to me.  I felt restless.  Like a caged lion.  I couldn't focus or concentrate.  I couldn't sit still either, not even in front of my beloved computer.   There were moments when all I wanted to do was sleep, and then there were nights that I couldn't sleep at all.  

And as the dreary days passed, I felt more and more depressed.  Ugh!  That dreaded D-word is not part of my vocabulary.  But it was how I was feeling.

Can five days of terrible weather really do that to a person?

I'm just happy that there was a cure for my ailment...SUNSHINE!  Friday, we were blessed with beautiful, warm sunshine.  I stepped outside to admire the gorgeous blue sky and to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.  Oh! It was heavenly!  And I noticed that many of my neighbors were doing the exact same thing.

Maybe I wasn't the only who had experienced a slight case of Cabin Fever!

With Love,