Café con Leslie: Bringing blogging back!

Aside from wanting to Blog Every Day in May, I also want to do a better job of keeping friends and family up-to-date with what is going on in our lives. So, once again I'm bringing back my Café con Leslie posts as a weekly coffee date to catch you up on all the latest news, gossip, and whatever else is happening in our lives at the moment. So grab a cup of coffee and let's chat...

What's new this week...

*In graduation news... Hope has completed her 480 hours of servicio social required to graduate. (Servicio social is an apprenticeship/community service in the same technical field she's studying in high school.) And speaking of the technical field she's studying, Hope will be receiving her título de carrera técnica (technical degree?) in accounting, as well as her high school diploma. And we are counting the days (11 to be exact) until her college entrance exam.

*I finally have my bookcase! Our carpenter neighbor started it on Wednesday, and I had it set up by Friday. My books now have a new home, and I have a new favorite little corner in my suegro's house.

*It's getting hot in here! The heat has really kicked in this month, and I really don't know if I'll be able to keep my promise of not complaining about the sweltering heat after the extremely cold winter we had. (It was so cold, it snowed for the third time in like a hundred years.) The only things helping me make it through this heat are endless pitchers of aguas frescas, nieves raspadas (Mexican snow cones), and the promise of pitayas which are only available during the hottest months of the year (May & June).

*My knee is feeling better, but it's not back to being 100%.

*After one really good week where my father-in-law's overall disposition was as good as it's ever been in the past 3 years, we are back to rougher days with lots of ups and downs in between. If you're the praying type, your prayers for his health (physical and mental) are always appreciated.

*And finally, there is going to be a slight change to my personal Blog Every Day in May challenge... I will continue to blog daily from Monday through Friday, but I will be taking weekends off to spend with Alf and the kiddies. That's not to say I won't occasionally post on weekends, but if I do it will be an extra special treat.

What have you been up to this week? Fill me in on all the details in the comments below.

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