Anatomy of a High School Class #BEDM

I have graduation on the brain. We are excited about this moment in Hope's life and are looking forward to celebrating her high school graduation in the next couple of months, while also reflecting on the three years of high school that are quickly coming to an end.

Being the oldest Hope is the first of my kiddies to graduate from high school, and as always these milestones (like her elementary school graduation) are a huge learning experience for not only her, but also me. The other day we were going over some details that I thought you'd all be interested in learning as well.

When Hope started 10th grade at her new high school there were more than 40 students in her class. With every passing semester the number of students in her class became fewer and fewer. In this her sixth semester of high school, only 13 students remain in her class: 7 boys and 6 girls.

One student is already a father.

And of the 13 students that remain, only 4 plan on continuing their education, one of which is Hope. The other three are also girls. That means that none of the boys will be attending college.

That just blows my mind!

I get that not all parents can afford to give their children a college education. But as a parent, I just can't get over the fact that so few students want to continue their education.

I don't know if the numbers are the same with every high school graduating class. (Remember this is my first.) I guess we'll have to wait another two years until Nick's high school graduation to compare the numbers.

What are your thoughts?

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