Currently | February 2016

Loving that after five extremely long weeks of waiting, I finally have internet so I can blog and surf the internetz to my heart's content.

Hating that even after a dozen phone calls and waiting five weeks for Telmex (our Mexican phone company) to deliver my modem, we had to make an hour drive into the city to pick it up.

Thankful for my awesome sister-in-law who made the trek into the city to pick up my modem.

Watching not a thing. Because there's really nothing to watch when you don't have cable TV or internet access. But I already know what I'll be watching in March; Fuller House, Grey's Anatomy, and Scandal.

Listening to something that my 15-year old hair-metal loving self (circa 1990) would've rolled her eyes at. I'm pretty sure I'm too old to even be listening to this kind of music, but it's just so freakin' catchy and upbeat. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that I'm loving a One Direction song, but I'm totally not.

Reading... Nothing, because the charger to my tablet broke and I wasn't in the mood for re-reading any of the books on my bookshelf. Note to self: buy charger!

Feeling a gamut of emotions from happiness to dread in regards to moving out of the house we've rented for the last 12-1/2 years. Anger and disappointment at the phone company for making me wait forever and never delivering. Pride and excitement as Hope decided on a major (psychology) and applied to university. Excruciating pain that made me finally walk myself upstairs to the dentist's office to have my broken tooth pulled. And the ups and downs that come with caregiving. (If motherhood is the hardest job there is, caregiving is a close second.)

Making lots of plans for my in-laws' impending visit from the US.

Drinking lots of coffee.

Looking forward to March being a much nicer month to me. Finalizing our move. And life settling down a little. (I hope.)

Wearing very light, minimal make-up. Normally I love me a good smokey eye, but my allergies are a hot mess and my eyes can't stop/won't stop watering.

Searching for a new allergy medication. Preferably one that doesn't make me drowsy or give me a headache.

What have you been up to?

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