My Word for 2016

At the beginning of every year I choose a word to be my main focus/theme for the twelve months of the new year. While I tend to lose sight of my New Year's Resolutions in less time than it took to actually compile my list of impossible goals, my word for the year lurks somewhere in the back of my mind throughout the entire year. Last year my word was 'simplify' because life is messy, and being a stay-at-home wife, mom of 4, and a caregiver doensn't make it any less hectic. 2015 was the year I learned to say no to things I really didn't want to do (without worrying about what others might think), I learned to delegate, ask for help, and simply enjoy the moment. I don't think I could've picked a better word for 2015.

Choosing a word for 2016 was a much more difficult task. Or at least I turned it into a complicated task by trying to come up with a big, inspiring, life-changing word completely ignoring the word I knew I should choose because I felt it might be construed as selfish. And there I was again worrying about what others might think and unnecessarily complicating things. It was then I knew I needed to simplify things and go with the word my heart was telling me to choose. This year I've chosen the word 'self' because I spend most of my time taking care of the people around me (my husband, my 4 kiddies, and my elderly father-in-law who suffers from severe anxiety & depression) and forget to take care of myself. (And not just health-wise.)

If I don't take care of myself, who's going to take care of everyone and everything else? It's one of those things I know I should do, but don't. This year I want to make a conscious effort to set aside some time for myself whether it be taking a leisurely walk, getting a manicure, pursuing my dreams, discovering a new hobby, enjoying a cup of coffee while writing in my journal, or reading a few chapters in a book I've been wanting to read.

Sounds easy enough, right? For me it's going to be a case of easier said than done.

To be continued...  

What's your word for 2016?

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