Café con Leslie: Cinnamon Roll Fest, New Year's & the Flu

One of my goals for 2016, aside from blogging consistently, is to do a better job of documenting the every day moments in our life. That's why I'm bringing back my Café con Leslie posts as a weekly coffee date to catch you up on all the latest news, gossip, and whatever else is happening in our lives at the moment. So grab a cup of coffee and let's chat... 

Wood-burning clay oven -

After Christmas, but before New Year's, we had a small family get-together at el rancho for our last parrillada (cook-out) of 2015. Not only did we fire up the grill for carne asada, we also fired up the clay oven to bake some pan dulce (pastries). I wasn't sure how many guests would show up at our little gathering, so to be on the safe side I made 4 kilos of flour worth of cinnamon roll dough. (That's a little more than 8-1/2 pounds of flour!) 

garlic herb parmesan rolls -

I made classic cinnamon rolls with and without dried cranberries (because nobody in my family likes raisins), cherry rolls (with canned cherry pie filling I found at Walmart), homemade guava jam w/ requeson rolls, Mexican chocolate and pecan rolls, banana pecan w/ spiked cajeta rolls (which I'll be making again soon to share on my cocina blog), and savory garlic herb w/ parmesan rolls. Never in my life have I ever made so many rolls! And even though some guests were unable to attend, I was only left with one tray of cinnamon rolls to bring back home. 

Big piñata - downtown Zapotlanejo -

Hope went to nearby Zapotlanejo (about a 90-minute drive from where we live) with my sister-in-law and her family to do a little sight seeing and to buy some clothes with her leftover birthday money.

Our New Year's celebration was a quiet one. Everyone, with the exception of Hope, came down with the flu and all anyone really wanted to do is was rest, order pizza, and watch movies on Netflix. Alf and the kiddies all fell asleep between 10 and 11pm, but I was determined not to fall asleep until after midnight. But my flu meds got the best of me and I fell asleep just before midnight. I did wake up at 12:15am just to see that I missed the fireworks display, but there were still a few stray gunshots to be heard.

Because of the New Year holiday, and because he hasn't been able to shake off the flu completely, Alf took a couple of days off from working in the shop. This is a big deal, because he rarely takes a day off unless he has to take his dad to a doctor's appointment in the city or we have some big life event. It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy having him home, even though it would've been much nicer if we weren't all sick. 

1st bike ride of 2016 -

Alf and Jack, who were feeling a little better on New Year's Day, started the year off with a short father-son bike ride to el rancho.  

For the most part we spent most of the week at home, visiting with the in-laws, battling the flu, and watching movies. Hope still hasn't caught whatever flu bug we all have, and I hope it stays that way.

How was your last week of 2015/first few days of  2016?

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