#WednesdayWishes for the Tooth Fairy

Today I'm joining my friend Unknown Mami for #WednesdayWishes. I've been wanting to join in on the Wednesday Wishing fun since Unknown Mami started posting it on her blog, but it was always one thing or another that prevented me from linking up. But today I actually remembered on the right day. So here goes...


My wishes this week are simple and all revolve around one theme: my teeth.

1. I wish the left side of my face would stop hurting like the dickens. My teeth are a hot mess. I chipped a molar while chewing gum, I need a wisdom tooth pulled, and I might need a root canal. (I'm really hoping to avoid that last one. I'd rather have my wisdom teeth removed again than have another root canal.)

2. I wish for a quick and painless wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow. I've had two wisdom teeth pulled by the same dentist and haven't had a problem yet. I'm hoping that tomorrow things will all go just as smoothly as before.

3. I wish for a speedy recovery, even though I plan to take my dentist's orders of bedrest very seriously.

*Bonus wish: I wish there was a Tooth Fairy for grown-ups. Have you seen the size of some wisdom teeth? The last one I had pulled was HUGE. Jack thought it was worth at least $100 pesos. Plus, factor in all the trouble they cause a person from the moment they start coming in until the moment they have to be pulled. We should be making some good money from those wisdom teeth.

What are you wishing for this week?

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  1. I'm wishing for the willingness to finally get on the phone and get an appointment with a dentist. I don't even know what's lurking in my mouth.