Café con Leslie: First Day of School 2014

First day of school 2014 -

Hard to believe since the kiddies just got out of school, but a new school year has started. So it's time to share the kiddies' first day of school pics. But first a little disclaimer... The pics are a little darker than usual because I took them before the three older kiddies left for school at 7am, and it was still pretty dark outside. And well, flash photography never looks all that great.

Hope started 11th grade. She actually started school last week. Her high school starts a week earlier than usual so teachers and students can take the last week of September off to celebrate the fiestas patronales (super important high holy days here in town).

Nick started 9th grade, his last year of secundaria, which means we have another graduation to look forward to come July.

Ashley, who just graduated 6th grade a couple of weeks ago, started junior high. (Sigh!) 

And Jack, my youngest, started 4th grade.

Has anybody figured out how to slow down the hands of time?

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  1. What a handsome bunch! Best of luck to the whole family for a great school year!