Café con Leslie: Catching Up with July

I'm not even going to get into how I haven’t posted anything on this blog since May 2nd. ¡Ay Dios mio! I’m just going to jump right in and catch you all up with what we were up to during the month of July.

Ashley's 6th grade graduation -

*The biggest (and most important) thing that happened in the month of July was that Ashley graduated from 6th grade. My baby girl is growing up. Sigh! Our architect nephew Lalo was her padrino (godfather) for the mass. There was a big party afterwards with lots of dancing. We all had lots of fun, and Hubby and I couldn’t be prouder of our little princess.

The older I get the quicker time seems to fly by. I think when I first started blogging, Ashley had just started 1st or 2nd grade. Now she’s about to start junior high. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

Mr. & Mrs. Limon -

*Speaking of graduations...Hubby and I also got to attend one of the two high school graduations as guests of honor because Hubby is the president of the Parent-Teacher Association at Hope’s high school. Hubby got to sit at a table up front with our town's mayor and a couple members of the state Congress. And he even got to help hand out diplomas. It was a proud moment for him, being that it involved his alma mater. After it was over, Hubby said he's never shaken so many hands in his life. He shook hands with each and every one of the 250+ graduates. Meanwhile, I got to sit in the VIP section, watching Hubby and taking notes for when Hope graduates in just 2 years. (I’m tell you, time is flying by at warp speed.)

*While we’re on the subject of school, the 2013-2014 school year came to an end, and let me just say that we were all looking forward to the start of summer vacation, however short it may be. Five weeks to be exact.

end of 2013-2014 school year -

Nick finished 8th grade with a 9.6, Ashley graduated 6th grade with a 9.2, and Jack finished 3rd grade with a 9.0. And Hope, who has been on vacation since June 6th, finished her first year at her new high school with a 9.5. (One of the perks of being a high school student in Mexico is the two-month long summer and winter breaks.) As worried as I was about having Hope start 10th grade all over again at a new school, I realize now that it was the wisest decision. For us it’s been the better school, and the entire experience has been a positive and enjoyable one.

Mexico World Cup soccer fans -

*Most of the month of July was spent either watching World Cup soccer, or talking about it. Hubby and I both lost $200 pesos (like $15 USD) in the family World Cup pool we had going with Hubby’s siblings. Hubby had the group with Costa Rica, and I had the group with France.

Puppy in dustpan -

*We came soveryclose to adopting another puppy. This gorgeous little pup wandered into Hubby's upholstery shop and made herself right at home in the dustpan. The kiddies and I fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her and agreed that if no one came to claim her or offered to take her home by the time Hubby closed for lunch, we'd bring her inside the house to meet her new siblings. Well like 10 minutes before closing time, a customer came in and saw the puppy, then asked if he could take her home to his 2 little kiddies who have been begging for a dog for quite some time. The lil’ pup is very happy in her new home.

Jack's new soccer team -

*Jack joined a new soccer team in July. Fútbol is Jack's absolute favorite sport in the whole wide world. He lives and breathes soccer. He even sleeps with his soccer ball next to his bed. That soccer ball is the first thing he reaches for when we wakes up in the morning and he doesn't let it out of his sight until he falls asleep at night. Anyway, in his first game with his new team they won 4-0 and Jack scored all four goals. (It was the first win ever for the team.) And he accomplished that before we enrolled him in soccer day camp for the summer.

my dad and me -

*And finally something that actually happened in June, but is just so awesome that I had to share with all of you, is that I found my dad on Facebook and we are now friends. Long-time readers of my blogs know that I have been searching for him ever since we got internet access in our small town and now my prayers have been answered.

So all in all July was a pretty good month for us. But, enough about me… What have you been up to? Share the juicy details in the comments below. 

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