May Goals: Home & Life Edition

I don't know what it is about posting my goals here on the blog, but when I do I tend to get more stuff done. And that makes me a very happy camper. So, in that spirit I'm sharing my personal home & life goals for the month of May.

May Goals: 

1. Organize/clean my closet. Most older houses in Mexico don't have closets, but what I do have is a cute little armoire where I store some of my clothes, and all of my make-up & nail polish. I initially bought it to store Hope & Nick's clothes when we first moved to Mexico, then Jack & Ashley's clothes, and for the last couple of years it's home has been in my room. I still have junk stuff stored in it that I haven't touched since Jack was a baby. Time to go through it all and move all of my clothes over to the armoire.

2. Take new spring photos of the kiddies. The presa (reservoir) is beautiful this time of year. The jacaranda trees are in full bloom. It's such a gorgeous back drop, I take the kiddies there every year to take photos.  I'm thinking this year's photos would look great framed and set on top of my armoire when I'm done cleaning and organizing it.

My family tree -
Spring 2012

3. Declutter our back patio. My poor back patio. It's a mess! It's become a catch-all for all the things the kids either don't want to put away, the things I keep saying I'll find a home for, and the things that my Hubby doesn't want us to throw away. Kind of like that junk drawer that everyone has in their kitchen, only with much bigger junk. Time to throw that stuff away or find a home for it. In March, when I started my Spring Cleaning, Hubby said he didn't have a problem with me throwing away stuff we no longer use or stuff that doesn't work, as long as I didn't tell him about it. So that's the approach I'm going to take with the back patio. Wish me luck.

4. Resist the urge to paint my bedroom! Or convince my Hubby to let me paint our bedroom as part of my Mother's Day present. Resisting is going to be next to impossible, because this morning I woke up and knew exactly what color I wanted to paint my bedroom. And once I get something in my head, I can't not think about it. Hubby usually just rolls his eyes when I tell him I want to paint a room, which I get the urge to do at least once a year. Technically our bedroom is the last room in the house that needs to be painted. So that could be a selling point in my favor. The color choice I have in mind is gorgeous! I can already picture it against the purple accent wall I painted in my room last year for Mother's Day. We shall see...  I think I'm going to take a walk over to our local Comex (Mexican paint store) and look at paint swatches. I know exactly what I want for Mother's Day.

5. Read two books. If you have any great book suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

That's it for my home & life goals for this month. They mostly have to do with the house. I'll update you on these goals at the end of the month.

Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. Have a garage sale! Some people like buying other people's "junk". Or put it out in front and put "free" and watch it grabbed up. LOL. My goal this month (already half over!) is to take the few boxes of junk I have purged from the kids rooms and take it to the goodwill store (thrift store) and to put the winter clothes away since it is finally starting to warm up. I have a 10 year old girl- her clothes get saved for almost 6 year old daughter. The 7 year old boys clothes get donated, and so do the 6 years old girls clothes. We used to save them and take them to Mexico but we haven't gone in 3 years and it is so expensive to take extra luggage. :(

  2. Our local church does the same thing each year. They pass right in front of my house and you can hear the guardias yelling and taunting Jesus. It gives you chills. The woman cry out and it's just an amazing moment. I can just imagine what it would be like in Mexico. I'm enjoying your blog.