¿Camas Separadas? (Separate Beds?) #SpanishFriday

Today I'm participating in Spanish Friday, hosted by my good friend Tracy from Latinaish. Don't read or speak Spanish?  Don't worry!  Just scroll down a bit for the English translation. 

Separate Beds - lacasadeleslie.com

Esta semana mi marido y yo cambiamos nuestra vieja (e incomoda) cama king-size por una cama matrimonial. La verdad es que la cama que teníamos era demasiado grande para nosotros. Aunque nuestra cama nueva se ve muy pequeña en comparación con el king-size que teníamos, ha resultado ser del tamaño perfecto para nosotros. Pero al parecer no todos lo ven de esa manera.  

El otro día (después de que llegara nuestra cama nueva) mi sobrino - que tiene 11 años - vino de visita. Yo me moría de ganas de presumir mi cama nueva a alguien, así que en vez de salir de mi cuarto para saludarlo, le hable para que fuera a saludarme a mi cuarto. 

Yo: "Hola, mijo! Como estas?"  
Sobrino: "Bien, tía. ¿Y usted?" 
Yo: "Bien. Oyes mijo, ¿no notas algo diferente en mi cuarto?" 
Sobrino: "Si, tienes una cama mas chiquita." 
Yo: "¡Si! ¿Como se te hace?" 
Sobrino: "Bien, pero...¿ahora donde va a dormir mi tío?" 

¡Jajaja! No pude evitar reírme. Nuestra cama nueva realmente parece ser lo suficiente grande para una sola persona.  


English Translation: 

This week, Hubby and I traded our old (and uncomfortable) king-size bed for a full-size bed. The truth is the king-size bed was way too big for us. Even though our new bed looks much smaller in comparison to the king-size bed, it's turned out to be the perfect size for us. But apparently not everybody sees it that way. 

The other day (after our new bed had arrived) my 11-year old nephew stopped by for a visit. Now I was dying to show off my new bed to someone, so instead leaving my room to go say hi to my nephew, I called him into my room to say hi. 

Me: "Hi, mijo! How are you?" 
Nephew: "Fine, tía. And you?" 
Me: "Fine. Mijo, do you notice anything different in my room?"  
Nephew: "Yeah, you got a smaller bed."  
Me: "Yep! What do you think?" 
Nephew: "It's nice, but...where is my uncle going to sleep now?" 

Hahaha! I couldn't help but laugh. Our new bed really does look like it's only big enough for one person. 


  1. Too funny! Just yesterday I was telling my mom that my husband and I needed to get a new mattress and she said, "Oh yes, you need to get a king bed!" And I was like, "NO!" We like our queen mattress just fine, thank you. All that space is just wasted.

  2. A king size is to big! We had one for years. My hubby and I and our 2 Westie girls now sleep on a queen size and it is just perfect. Kinda like the 3 bears, Hot,cold and just right! It is nice to meet you and am now following. I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for over 20 years and miss our trips to Mexico and all the wonderful people and food! Adios, #sitsblogging

  3. Hi Leah!
    I felt the same way about our king-size bed...it was just too much wasted space. The smaller bed is just perfect, and I LOVE the extra space in my bedroom. :)

  4. I have a king sized bed. It is too big but I like it! Love the pic of Lucy and Ricky!

  5. That's too funny! If we had a king size bed we'd probably only end up using half of it. #sitsblogging

  6. I liked the story. I have a good friend whose parents always used separate beds. Well, perhaps, not always. I am not married, but I were, I think a full or queen would be more than enough. Changing sheets on a king takes forever, too.