Scent of an In-Law

I'm coming to you today as a friend.  I need to ask you something of a personal nature and I want you to be completely honest.  No matter how uncomfortable my question may be.  Do you think this is something I can trust you with?  If so, keep reading. 

Ok.  Here goes... 

Scent of an In-Law / Ya Huelen a Suegros -

Do you think I smell bad? 

Seriously, do I look like I smell funny?  

The reason I ask is because even though Hubby and I shower regularly and use deodorant and perfume/cologne daily, people are always commenting on the way we smell.  Like every. single. day. We don't smell anything out of the ordinary.  I think Hubby smells absolutely scrumptious, and he me.  But still people comment... 

"Ya huelen a suegros!" 

Literally translated, they're saying we smell like in-laws.  Now you're probably wondering if  being told you smell like an in-law is a good thing or a bad thing, because it sounds like it could go either way.  I'll explain more about it in just a minute.  

The good news is that Hubby and I are not to blame for our supposed body odor problem.  It's all actually the fault of our 16 year old daughter Hope.   

In Mexico it's considered something of a compliment to be told you smell like an in-law.   When people tell Hubby and I that we smell like in-laws what they're really saying is, "Hope is so pretty, she's going to have a ton of pretendientes (suitors) lining up outside your door.  Then before you know it she'll be married, making you and Alfonso (Hubby) suegros (in-laws). " 

Duuuude, slow down!  She's only 16.  While I have come to accept the fact that she can go out on dates, I'm not ready to start thinking about her getting married.  Can't they just say, "Your daughter is very pretty," and leave it at that?  No need to go reminding us every day that someday our precious little girl is going to grow up and get married.  We really don't want to start thinking about that for at least another 10 years.  

But you know what makes matters even worse?  The fact that people are also saying it in reference to Nick and Ashley.  Why, oh why did Hubby and I have to make such beautiful babies??? 

What do you think?  Do we smell like in-laws?  And have you ever been told you smell like an in-law? 


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  1. I guess the Maternal Instinct amongst mother in laws is to want grandchildren... so if you smell like inlaws then they figure your daughter is of marrying age. Anyway everyone has there own scent... I asked some Chinese that question once... I said, different ethnicities smell different, do you agree? Yes they told me. I asked... What do white people smell like...?? They said ... Butter & Cream.
    But now I wonder after living in Mexico so much time...Do I smell like a taco? You know what they say...You are what you eat.