Café con Leslie: First Day of School 2013

Once again it's time for our weekly coffee date.  I'm sorry I missed last week, I got caught up in all the back-to-school madness and ran out of time to post.  And I really didn't feel right posting our Monday chats on a different day of the week.  I'm weird like that.  I promise to try much harder to not miss anymore of our future coffee dates.

As I mentioned earlier, the kiddies all went back to school last Monday.  They couldn't have been happier or more excited, and neither could I.  I've loved all the back-to-school excitement since I was a kid.  And now that I'm a parent, I think I love it even more.  But...just like every other year when the kiddies go back to school I couldn't help but wish I could freeze time, even if for just a little bit, because it's milestones like these that make me realize how big my kids are getting and how fast the years are just zooming on by.

Nick is now an 8th grader.  (He was a 3rd grader when I started blogging.)  

Speaking of 3rd grade, my youngest son Jack is now a 3rd grader.  Wasn't it just last year when my baby boy started 1st grade?  No? Well, it feels that way.  My sweet little princess Ashley is now a 6th grader, which means in just 10 short months she'll be graduating 6th grade and getting ready to start junior high.  Quick, someone pass me a tissue.  Better make it the whole box.

Missing from this year's back-to-school post is my eldest daughter Hope.  She's the only one of my kiddies who didn't go back to school on Monday.  She actually started at her new high school a few days before.  And in what I can only call the biggest #momfail of the year, I forgot to snap her 1st day of school photo.  I was going to snap a SECOND day of school photo the next day, but Hope suggested that I wait a couple of weeks until she has to start wearing her school uniform to give the photo a more "official" look to it.  So stay tuned next week for Hope's very special "Third and a half week of school photo".

Now that the kiddies are back in school and most of the back-to-school madness has passed, I have a few projects around the house that I want to get started on.  Mostly just going though everything and tossing out or donating the items we no longer use.  And depending on how our rental contract renewal negotiations go this week, I'll also be doing some organizing and decorating OR packing everything up to move to a new house.  For the most part I hope it's not the latter.  But then again, I'm open to a new adventure.  We shall see.

So...what have you been up to this week?


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