In pursuit of happiness...

Every year I come up with a long list of New Year's resolutions to make sweeping changes from one day to the next, to rid myself of all my vices and bad habits, only to forget all about them a few short weeks later.  Some years I pretend I'm too cool for New Year's resolutions, but then secretly make a list of resolutions anyway, and then proceed to forget about them about a week or two into the new year.

This year, I've decided to stop torturing myself.  No more New Year's resolutions that I'm never going to keep.  And no more feeling guilty about not keeping them.

For 2013 I'm only going to focus on one word: Happiness.

It's not that I'm unhappy, but the stress and heartbreak of 2012 took its toll on me and my usual happy-go-lucky attitude.  I felt weighed down and overwhelmed.  I lost my joy and forgot what it was to have fun.  I didn't even feel like I was actually living, but just going through the motions.

Well, not anymore!  If there was one thing that 2012 really drove home for me, is that life is too short not to live it happily.

I know I have no control over what may (or may not) happen to us this year, but I can control how I let it affect me.  Whatever it is that 2013 has in store for us, I know eventually we'll get through it.  The key is not to let it steal my joy and happiness, or prevent me from having fun.

What's your word for 2013?


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  1. I wish you year filled with love and a heart and mind open to making happy memories, Leslie. 2012 was a difficult year, can't say I'll miss it. My word for 2013 will be "peace." Peace within and in all aspects of my life. A big hug to you.