Tonight, Tonight

I'm obsessing over....

Whether I should ask Santa Claus for a laptop or tablet this year for Christmas.  Not that he's actually going to give me either one of those THIS Christmas, but a girl can dream.

I'm working on...

  • This blog post
  • The Food 'n Flix: Julie & Julia Round-Up for my food blog.
  • Editing the second draft of Hope's 10 page book report.  
  • Making my weekly planner for 2013. 

I'm thinking about...

  • How inviting and warm my bed looks.  
  • How cool it is that I can make the minor headings in this post match my post title. Very, very cool!  


  • Hope's 15th birthday party this weekend at the ranch.
  • Waking up an hour or two later every morning for two weeks during Christmas vacation.
  • Christmas.

Listening to...

  • Hubby's snoring.  (Our bed is right next to my computer.)  
  • The West Side Story Soundtrack that's been playing in my mind since I wrote the title of this post.


It's 10:30pm so it's kind of late to be eating.  But I just finished drinking a cup of coffee, decaf so I'm not up all night, to help keep me warm while I finish up a few things before going to bed.


  • Santa brings me a laptop or tablet for Christmas. 
  • That my loved ones' Christmas wishes come true this year.


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