A December to Remember....

I cannot believe that today is December 1st.

The first day of the last month of 2012.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I love the first day of each month.  To me, the beginning of each month is like celebrating New Year's.  I'm always so full of hope and inspiration, which really helps to get my creative juices flowing.  The beginning of each new month is another chance to do all the things I didn't get to do the previous month, plus new goals I want to accomplish. Not to mention all of the special occasions, like holidays and birthdays, to celebrate.  Of course, things don't always go according to plan, or turn out the way we hoped, but still I can't help but get excited excited anyway and hope for the very best.

Some of the things I'm looking forward to this month: 

  • Christmas.
  • New Year's.
  • Las Posadas.
  • Spending time with the family.
  • Yummy holiday food.
  • The kiddies getting a 2 week vacation from school.
  • Not waking up at 5:30am for those 2 weeks.  

That last one, sounds like heaven to me right now.

Oh! There's one teeny, tiny thing I forgot to mention...  

The biggest and most important celebration that I'm looking forward to this month...Hope's Quinceañera (15th birthday party)! 

Long ago, Hope decided she didn't want a big traditional Quinceñera, with a big, puffy dress, a chambelan, and a waltz.  She's always said she would much rather have a BBQ at the ranch with her family and friends.  And well, since it is her Quinceañera, which is the most important day in a young girl's life, she's going to get her wish.  Next weekend!  

We also have a little something special planned for Hope the day after the party at the ranch, but for now it's a surprise.  I promise I'll share more about it later.     

What are you looking forward to this month?



  1. ... leslie..... i am writing to ask a favor :) i am a spanish teacher in new york, where i live, but we also have a small home in playa del carmen. méxico is my passion! and when we are able to retire i hope to spend as much time as possible in playa and volunteer for various organizations.

    here is my favor i need .... i want my students to communicate with students in méxico. not only would this help them with their spanish (and hopefully help the mexican students with their english), but it is my bigger goal to eliminate stereotypes and help my students understand that, basically, people are the same all over the world. in other words, i want to encourage a cultural exchange! question : do you have any contacts in méxico that might want to do this with me? high school students? the best would be a teacher who would do this with his/her class. all we need is computer access. we could skype! anything! can you, or someone you know, help me? my personal email is: slperissi@gmail.com

    i look forward (i hope!) to hearing from you or from others. mil gracias :)

    - susanleigh perissi

  2. Happy December to you all and Felicidades a Hope por su Quinceñera.

  3. Hola Leslie,

    I've read your blog for some time, but haven't commented much. But I looked today, and thought, "Wow, your kids have grown a ton." LOL... Nothing like kids growing up to remind us all that time is slipping away.

    Feliz Diciembre,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where my youngest niece graduating from high school came as a bit of a shock last spring.