Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's!

The other day, Hubby and I were talking about how different our lives now compared to when we first moved here 11 years ago.  Then Hubby asked me a couple of questions that got me thinking:

  1. If you had to do it all over again, would you?
  2. What changes would you make (if you had to do it all over again)?

To answer Hubby's second question, yes, there are a few things I would change.  I like to call them my Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's.

I should have visited Yahualica at least once before making the decision to move down here.  It might have made it easier for me to adjust, had I visited to get an idea of what I was getting myself into.  But then again, if I had visited, I might never have moved to Mexico.

I should have left the kiddies' collection of Disney VHS movies and brought my cookbooks to Mexico.  Who knew DVD's would actually catch on?!  And what am I going to do with that box full of VHS tapes that I have stored away?

I would have had more fun.

I would have spent more time acting like a tourist in our small town, going out and about, exploring and travelling to surrounding pueblos and ranchitos and having fun.  But instead we settled into the two upstairs bedrooms of my suegros' home, Hubby opened the upholstery shop our second week here, and I turned into a Mexican housewife, mopping and doing laundry the old-fashioned way.

I wouldn't have cried myself to sleep every night for the first six months.

I would have enjoyed life more.

I could have decided not to move to Mexico and continued to live my comfortable life in the States.   But had I stayed...I might never have known the joy and happiness that these two little cuties bring to my life.  Because had we stayed in the U.S. we might have decided to have another child, someday.  Maybe!  But we would have definitely stopped after baby #3. answer Hubby's first question about whether or not I would do it all over again?  The answer is YES!

What about you, my fellow expats?  What are your Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's?  Would you do it all over again?



  1. Excellent topic!! Now if all the other expats will post their lists, I can do all the shoulda's and woulda's before I leave and prepare myself a little better too :)

  2. Not an Expat anymore - was only there a year (2008-2009) ... 
    Only a Shoulda - Stayed another year for the kids 1st and 4th grade years.

    I have a Maybe - We will return someday - hopefully

  3. Kristen SchnelleMay 14, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    Being an Expat for a year now, first in Panama for 10 months and now Mexico:
    Shoulda: taken advantage of all the Spanish around me in Texas and learned a bit more before we moved. Woulda: taken more charge and adventured more in Panama; now doing that in Mexico (acting as a tourist as you say). Shoulda: Gotten health insurance earlier in Panama to cover expense of baby's birth; working on getting local insurance now in Mexico now. You learn, you grow, you experience...that's what's life is about!

  4. I should have payed attention more in all my spanish classes.

  5. Shoulda: got to now my in laws better and investigated a little more.
    Woulda: Acted like a tourist when we first rrived. I like you, settled into the housewife routine.

    Would I do it again? I would because if not, we would be either visiting through a glass window while Miguel awaits depportation or waiting on the day ICS caught him.

    We have been here for 1 year and 2 months