Mother's Day Festival 2012

On Thursday, we celebrated Mother's Day here in Mexico.  My kiddies all had the day off from school, because most of their teachers are moms who deserve the day off from work, and also because we have another extremely long holiday weekend in honor of both Mother's Day and Teacher's Day (May 15).  (The kiddies don't go back to school until next Wednesday!)  However, we all did have to go to school today for an hour or so, to attend the big Mother's Day festival.

As usual, there were traditional dance numbers like the Jarabe Tapatio, and timeless, heartfelt songs like Señora, Señora and Mamá Hoy Quiero Decir Te Amo, that bring us moms to tears year after year.  

There were two numbers that really stole the show.  (In my honest, humble, and unbiased opinion.)  The first is this traditional dance number performed with machetes, by a couple of Nick's classmates, who also happen to be his best friends.  I think they did a very impressive job of dancing with their machetes.

But my favorite number of all was the one performed by Ashley's 4th grade class.  (Again, I'm completely unbiased.)  They performed the popular children's classic Los Padres de San Francisco

Such a cute little number that I just had to share.


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  1. I love that it's a day off from work.  Looks like a fun festival :)