Mother's Day 2012

Last year for Mother's Day, the men and kiddies in the family decided to take all of us moms out to dinner to celebrate our day.  We had so much fun last year, that we did it again this year.  Here are a few pics from our get together tonight.

From left to right: Hubby's aunt & her husband,  my suegra (MIL) and suegro (FIL)

Hubby's maternal grandmother

We had dinner at Gabacho's, a pizzeria here in town, where we dined on everything from salad and steaks to pizzas and hamburgers.  The waitress mixed up a couple of orders, but that's to be expected when serving a party of 23.

And then we toasted to all of the wonderful moms in our lives.  (The kiddies had non-alcoholic beverages.) 

From right to left: Nick and one of my nephews enjoying their Pink Panthers

Ashley & Jack LOVE piña coladas

Hope drinking lemonade & Hubby drinking a margarita

For those of you moms who celebrated Mother's Day today, I hope you had a lovely day.  (((Hugs!)))

Salud! (Cheers!)



  1. I love that you share your life with us!

  2. Salud to you also!  I hope your day is filled with love and peace.

  3. No, no no, no! You are just making me hungry and thirsty. And cannot celebrate with my Mom, She is about two hours south of Guadalajara and I am about two hours east of Seattle... Well, happy mother's day to you...