Me from A to Z

I stumbled upon this cute A to Z questionnaire a couple of months ago on Chronically Vintage and always meant to post my own, but never got around to it.  Well there's no time like the present.

So here is a little more about me from A to Z...

A.  Age:  37
B.  Bed size:  King
C.  Chores that you hate:  All of them!  But if I have to choose just one....folding laundry and putting it away.
D.  Dogs:  I miss my puppy Pingüna SO much!
E.  Essential Start to your day:  COFFEE!!!
F.  Favorite color:  I don't have a favorite.  I LOVE them all!
G.  Gold or Silver:  Silver
H.  Height:  I say 5 foot 6, but I'm really 5 foot 5 and three-quarters!
I.  Instrument: I don't play any instruments.  But I used to play the violin back in grade school.  I always wanted to learn how to play the piano and the guitar, but my grandparents couldn't afford the lessons.
J.  Job title:  Domestic goddess!
K.  Kids:  4 gorgeous kiddies.
L.  Live:  Like every day is your birthday!
M.  Mother's Name:  Brenda
N.  Nicknames:  Güera, Mamá, Honey,
O.  Overnight hospital stays:  6. (That I can remember.)
P.  Pet Peeve:  People who insist on walking on a busy street when there is a nice big sidewalk just a few feet away.  Rude sales/customer service people.  When Spanish/English subtitles in movies are wrong!
Q.  Quote from a movie:  "I'm like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!"
R.  Right or left handed:  Right.  Although I should have been left-handed.
S.  Siblings:  One.  A brother who passed away before I was conceived.
T.  Time you wake up:  6:30am on weekdays and between 8:30 and 9am on weekends.
U.  Underwear: Most days! (Kidding!!!)
V.  Vegetable you hate:  I haven't met a veggie yet that I haven't liked.
W.  What makes you run late:  Making sure everyone else is ready on time.
X.  X-rays you've had:  My teeth, legs, knee, ankles, wrist, arms, ribs, lungs....
Y.  Yummy food that you make:  Absolutely everything!  (In my humble opinion.)
Z.  Zoo animal:  Zebras and giraffes.

Now it's your turn!



  1. How fun, this reminds me of my monthly questionaires, Great answers.

  2. Fun post! I had to "answer" in the post I was writing... =)

  3. I usually don't do these, but I like this one, it's cute.  Good idea!