It's ALIVE!!!

For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of having a lush green garden, full of flowers and homegrown veggies and herbs.  But every time I've attempted to start a garden something has gone horribly wrong.  Like the time I was determined to start a raised garden in our back patio.  Our dog and cats dug up everything and used the flower bed as a litter box.

So maybe growing plants from seeds wasn't my thing.  I was sure I'd have better luck with a full-grown plant.  So for Christmas of 2010, I bought a couple of Nochebuenas (Poinsettias).  I watered them.  Sang to them.  And treated them as kindly as I could.  But I don't think they liked me, the heat or lack of direct sunlight and air, because they died in less than 2 weeks.

I tried with different plants, both indoors and outdoors, but they all met with the same fate.  They died at the hands of Leslie, the plant slayer.

Accepting that my thumbs aren't even the palest shade of green has been a hard pill to swallow.  Gardening was my dream.  And although I knew it would never come true, I never completely gave up on my dream.

After I finished painting the living room and Hubby had started work on reupholstering the couches, I mentioned to Hubby that all our living room needed now was a couple of plants.

Hubby looked at me as if to say, "No way!  You've killed every plant we've ever had!"  But what he really said was, "Honey, you know you aren't good with plants.  Maybe we should buy some artificial ones."

But I wasn't hearing it.  Once I have my mind set on something, absolutely nothing will convince me otherwise.  So I tried to convince Hubby, "What if we go to the nursery and explain to them how hot our house gets and that we only have one window?  There has to be some plant, besides a cactus, that can survive and maybe even thrive in these conditions."

Later that morning, we all headed down to the vivero (nursery) that's just down the street from our house.  So many lovely plants and trees to choose from!  I wanted one of everything!  But Hubby shot me a look that said, "Don't even think about it!"  We spent a good 20 minutes talking to the owners of the vivero, explaining exactly what we were looking for.  They walked us around the grounds, pointing out our options.  On our way to the vivero, Hubby and I agreed that we should buy just one plant to start with.  If I could keep it alive for one whole month, we would go back and get another plant.  

The plant we chose is called a Moises.  (I have no idea what it's called in English.)  As soon as we got home, I watered it.  And kept watering it every other day, just like the owners of the vivero suggested.  I was so happy and full of hope.  But after the first couple of days, the leaves looked as if they were starting to wilt.  I was heartbroken.  I couldn't believe that this was happening again.

But I wasn't ready to give up that easily.  This plant HAD to live!  My lifelong dream of having a garden depended on it.  So I started to water my Moises every day.  By the end of the first week, the little white flower had dried completely.  BUT....the green leaves started to perk up.  And before I knew it, new leaves were sprouting, along with a new flower.

It's been a full month and my Moises is still alive!  I don't want to jinx things, but I think this plant is going to survive.

 And maybe one of my thumbs will turn green after all.  



  1. Congrats on your plant staying alive.  Your post made me laugh.  I do not have a green thumb either, but I love having house plants!  

  2. Felicidades Leslie :) I have the same problem as you used to. I may go see if I can find a Moises here, hehe. 

  3. Do a search for Peace Lilly and you should find info on it. The Latin name is Spathiphyllum. I didn't learn very much in my garden club, but this is one that I did remember. ;)

  4. Yes, it's a peace lily.  It's pretty common to give at a funeral here (in the States).  It's any easy plant to care for.   I have one from my grandfather's funeral that was surprisingly it's last leg about a year ago.  I was determined to bring it back to life since it's one plant that has some meaning to me.  After a few monthstwo plants sprouted out of pretty much nothing!  In fact, we named the first one, Mateo (neither one of us has any sort of latin in us!), it must me meant to be for you!  Good luck! 

  5. My thumb is black as midnight!  So, I am right there with you.  I even killed my mint plant, which mint is usually compared to weeds since you have to control it because it grows like crazy and will take over everywhere.  So, that shows you how bad I am!

    The three flowers we bought for the front patio lasted about 3 weeks.  Now, all we have left are the two shrubs on either side of the door.  And, those are alive because Jorge takes care of them. 
    I think I will do what your husband suggests, and get some artificial plants.  Those are much more Val friendly!

  6. That is a peace lily, and the the flower will dry up and die off on a regular basis, but don't worry, cut the dead stem off close to the base, an it will flower on a regular basis. I had one that lasted a good 15 years. I have one in my office now, and it will dry out quite a bit with out a problem. They also do a good job of cleaning the air.

  7. Good job Leslie, hope to see your new plants soon...

  8. If you get up one morning and find the leaves all limp, don't give up - just water it and they'll stand right back up. Peace lilies don't like to be sloppy wet, but you do want to keep the soil moist. Once you start realizing some success, you'll really be hooked on plants ;-)