Dry Spell

I really hope rain season starts soon.  And when it does, I hope we get copious amounts of rain.

We went to La Presa, our town's reservoir, the other day for a picnic and were shocked to see it's current state.

Before I show you what the presa looks like now,  here is a photo of La Presa back in September of 2009, when it was just one or two rainstorms shy of reaching it's full capacity, .  (Try not to get too distracted by the gorgeous, breathtaking model.)   

And this is what La Presa looks like now.

Shocking isn't it?  In the 11 years I have lived here, I have never seen it this dry.

I've already started to pray for rain.  Now if only I could remember where I left my rain-dance costume.  



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  2. Rain dance costume is your birthday suit!  I just have to threaten.  Works every time!  I think the Good Lord wants to spare the rest of humanity the shock of an old fat crazy woman dancing in her birthday suit.  Or He is trying to save me from myself!  So go for it!  LOL!