Our little casita was a real hot spot today as 2012 started in a blaze of glory.

Hubby, the kiddies and I were on our way home from our usual Sunday morning outing to El Jardin, when we noticed a large cloud of white smoke coming from the direction where we were headed.  Hubby pointed to it and joked, "Habemus Papam".   All kidding aside, we figured it was just someone burning their trash from last night's party.  The last thing I remember saying was "well, I just hope it's not our place."  We walked as fast as we could to reach the corner of our street to get a better look and that's when we saw that the smoke was coming from the big empty lot behind our house.  

new years fire 1

From there, we all ran home to make sure the house wasn't in danger of burning down.  When we looked out the back window of the house, we saw that more than half of the lot had already burned down.  There was smoke and ash everywhere!

new years fire 3

This could have turned out to be a tragedy of epic proportions with all the houses on our street that share the same "backyard", especially since my small town doesn't have a fire department.  But thanks to the quick response of Proteccion Civil, no homes or lives were lost today.  Gracias a Dios.

new years fire 2

We waited until the fire was completely out before heading to my suegra's for el recalentado (reheated leftovers).

About an hour or so after we finished lunch, Hubby went outside to see if the smoke and ash had cleared.  When he turned to look towards our house, he saw that smoke and flames were coming out from under the big, black door to the empty lot, which just so happens to be right next to our bedroom.  Hubby ran home and climbed on top of the roof to douse the flames that were threatening to burn the tree outside my bedroom window.  Once again, tragedy was avoided.

My kiddies are now convinced that the world really is coming to an end in 2012.  This morning we woke up to a beautiful day with the bluest sky.  Then came the fire.  And as I am writing this, we are experiencing thunder, lightning and an unseasonable rain storm.  And it's only the first day of the New Year.

Since I was raised to believe that how you spend the New Year determines how you will spend the entire year, I predict that 2012 is going to be full of surprises!

This is one New Year's we won't soon forget.

Happy New Year!



  1. Glad everyone is okay!  Happy New Year amiga!

  2. Wow, how scary! Glad you and your family are all okay.

  3. A year full of surprises.  Sounds good to me.

  4. An exciting first day of the year for sure. Perhaps the lot needed some mother nature clearing?  Glad all is well. Have a Happy Rest of the Year!

  5. Leslie, gracias a Dios que nada malo paso. I think you might be right about 2012 being filled with surprises. I'm excited for it! Wishing you a prosperous and creative New Year, Amiga. Abrazos! :D

  6. Good for you for seeing the up side.  I was raised with the same belief, and a year full of surprises is a good thing, especially when they all turn out OK like these did.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is SO scary. I'm so happy that you didn't lose any of your home. Here's to surprises! Happy 2012 :)

  8. SCARY! i would have totally freaked! Glad everything is ok !!!

  9. Wow, what a day!  I'm glad everyone was alright!!

  10. Oh My Goodness! I'm relieved to hear you are all okay. What a way to start the New Year. This means it will only get better. {hugs}

  11. So glad everything is ok!! That fire looks intense.

    On a side note, I always assumed "recalentado" referred to the fact that the party is being "re-ignited" or something the day after... not the food being reheated. You're probably right though haha :)

  12. Holy smokes! What a susto...