Spanish Word of the Day: Estrenar

One of the great things about being fluent in both English and Spanish is that if I can't find the right word in one language, I can usually find it in the other.

Such is the case with today's Spanish Word of the Day...Estrenar.
Estrenar: (transitive verb) to use/wear for the first time. 
It's one of those words that leaves me thinking, "I wish there was a word for that in English!"

I guess I could say, "I have a new camera."  But I think it sounds so much nicer when I say, "Estoy estrenando camara!"

For those of you that don't follow me on Facebook or read my food blog (shameless plug!), I have been without a camera since Halloween.  But thanks to my very awesome and wonderful Hubby, that disastrous situation didn't last long.

Estoy estrenando camara, and these are the first photos from my new camera.

My littlest princess, Pingui

Mi gato gordo, Junior

Glass Coca-Cola bottles on my table

Before photo of a Ford seat Hubby worked on

After photo of the Ford seat

Before photo of a 1979 Ford pick-up Hubby worked on

After photo of Hubby's work

Have you estrenar anything lately?

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  1. Is it sad that after almost hurting my brain I can't think of anything that I have estrenar recently. Sounds like I need to go shopping!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW. First of all - thanks for teaching me a new spanish word! Second - great photos and wow - what a great job your husband did! That always amazes me how people can take some thing so messed up, and know how to put it back together in perfect condition!

  3. Estrene un vestido and it felt great. I don't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I've been waiting to buy things until I do and then I told myself it was ridiculous and that I deserve to wear cute clothes now.

    Love the pictures and Mexican coke. It's big in SF. You can find it sold in all kinds of places.

    What kind of camera did your wonderful hubby get you?

  4. I love your furballs, they're so cute! And congrats on the new must be a relief (I know it would be for me).  Your hubs did an awesome job, that looks amazing!  I can't come up with anything I've "estrenar"-ed (ha ha) lately, though...

  5. Yeah!  You're back in action and it didn't take too long. Nice pics. 

  6. I believe the Spanish/English dictionary defines estrenar as "to debut."

    You've got one talented hubby there. Beautiful work on the upholstery.

  7. Now for the important question.  What type of camera?  Care to share the specifications?

  8. Congrats on the new camera.  Your husband did a great job on that car.  The only thing I have estrenar lately is a new pot, does that even count?

  9. I love that verb estrenar but I'm always a little afraid to use it because I don't think I understand the construction well.  So... why didn't you use an article for camara?  Estoy estrenando la camera Does that sound wrong?  

  10. I have so thought that same thing. I love the word estrenar! (Tener ganas de is another phrase that I feel doesn't translate quite perfectly, and I prefer the Spanish. :-))

  11. I love "estrenar"!! What kind of camera is it?? Your dog is adorable!

  12. LL is correct. The closest we have to "estren~ar" in English is borrowed from French. Debut has been bastardized in English. Estrenar is one of those Spanish words we too wish translated (into English)!
    PS: We were not estren~ido when we wrote this.

  13. Congratulations on the new camera! I love the pics, especially the work on the car...that's impressive! :)