Halloween 2011

This Halloween was hands-down the best Halloween I've ever had here in Mexico.

This year, Jack chose to be the one and only Pumpkin King...Jack Skellington.

Nick wanted to be a zombie, but changed his mind at the very last-minute and chose to dress up as Frankenstein instead.  Not really a big deal, because I had all of the necessary things for his costume. Well, almost everything.  I didn't have any kind of green make-up, so I had to use green gel food coloring.  Pretty darn genius on my part, if you ask me.  (And no need to worry.  The food coloring didn't stain his skin at all!)

Hope did a Halloween/Dia de Muertos mash-up and dressed up as La Catrina.

And little Miss Ashley dressed up as a beautiful gypsy.  The kiddies and neighbors all referred to Ashley as the "weird" one, in a Marilyn Munster sort of way, because she chose a girly, non-scary costume.  I had to keep reminding everyone that Halloween isn't just about scaring people and dressing up like monsters and witches.  

The neighborhood kiddies also wanted to dress up for Halloween this year and asked if I could do their make-up.   The demand was so great, that  I ended up setting up a make-shift face painting booth on my sidewalk and charged 5 pesos per niño/a.

There were vampires.


Masked crusaders and other super villains.

And more vampires.  Lots and lots of vampires.  It was definitely my most requested face.  

I made about 75 pesos that afternoon, which was more than enough to buy candy for all of the trick-or-treaters that knocked on our door this year.

And to think I almost skipped Halloween!

How was your Halloween?



  1. Well it's no wonder you had half the block waiting in line to do make-up! You did a GREAT job! I'd totally be sending my kids w/ their 5 pesos to do their make-up! My favorite was the bat-man mask/eyes! It's amazing how much face-painting can add to their costume!! Great job!!

  2. Other than the kids of a local restaurant owner, I saw no children on Halloween.  I miss seeing them.

  3. All of the kids look absolutely amazing! I especially like how La Catrina is done. I made my brother-in-law a pumpkin :)

  4. Great Costumes! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!

  5. How fun. It sounds like you were the hit of Halloween. Great job on all the face-painting.

  6. You need to go into the makeup biz!  Your kids looked awesome!  I'm amazed at your daughter's costume!  It is beyond belief.... the make up totally awesome!  Enjoyed your post!  Do not even think about skipping Halloween again!

  7. What an awesome job with the face painting! Nice little side business here ;)

  8. Great job on the costumes, as always!! I think La Catrina is my fave