Skipping Halloween???

I don't think I have to remind you how much I love holidays, especially Halloween.

It was still September when I began crafting new styrofoam spiders and other creepy crawlers to add to my cute and spooky collection.

Then a few days later I saw what was surely  a sign that it was time for me to put up my Halloween decorations.

But when I went to look for them, they were nowhere to be found.

At first, I thought that maybe I had just misplaced them.  But after two weeks of searching through every place imaginable and unimaginable, I still hadn't found them.

No poster-board fence and witch silhouette.

No shredded Hefty bag curtains.

No cute felt witches that were hand-sewn and embroidered by yours truly.

Not even the plastic Jack-O-Lanterns I lucked upon at the diez peso store a couple of years ago.

It's taken me years to scare up my collection of handmade Halloween decorations, adding a handful of things each year.  And now they've vanished into thin air.

Maybe they're just another thing to disappear into that abyss I like to call the Bermuda Triangle.

Or maybe they were accidentally tossed into the trash by a well-meaning suegro who was helping to Spring-clean our storage room.  (This wouldn't be the first time something of mine was "accidentally" tossed into the trash.)  

Whatever the reason, I feel absolutely heartbroken and devastated.  And just a little ticked off.  But I'm more sad than I am mad.

Celebrating Halloween, or any other American holiday for that matter, is hard enough to do in Mexico.  And well, without decorations to set the mood, I'm afraid it won't be as easy to keep my Halloween spirit alive.

It's almost enough to make me consider skipping Halloween this year.


To be continued....



  1. What a bummer =(  ...and totally frustrating!  

  2. Kids love Halloween in Mexico but the schools in Reynosa must be mandated by the government to strictly enforce the no celebrating pagan holidays. We are not allowed to have anything related to Halloween in the classroom. How does the older generation feel about Halloween?

  3. Ugh...I would be upset too.  I know you worked hard to build a halloween collection. Maybe this is a sign to start new - create a new collection and get the kids involved. 

  4. :(  This reminds me of my cousin who had all her Christmas decorations tossed out by her suegro who was helping her spring clean! Not good at all....but don't let that stop you. As hard as it may be, make new keepsake memories :)

  5. Oh no! I hope you find your stuff. I'm telling you grandparents and in-laws want to help but they make things just a bit more difficult sometimes. Gotta love them though :)

  6. What a bummer! I'm sure you can find some crafty halloween ideas on Pinterest.

  7. Maybe you could pull out the nativity scene.  Turn the wise men into a coven of witches.  The shepherds into vampires.  The sheep into black cats.  I would keep your hands off of Mary, though.  There are laws, you know.

  8. Oh no!!!  Your poor friend!  I do plan on making new keepsake memories, in between planning and preparing for my Hubby's and eldest son's birthdays. :P  

  9. You're right!  I should look at this as a sign to start a new collection.  One the kiddies can help with! :)  

  10. This has to be my favorite suggestion yet!!!  :) 

  11. Oh no! This is awful news! I have a Halloween collection of my own and cherish all my things I've made over the years. Sounds like new decorations are a MUST! Start with a centerpiece and if that is your only decoration this year celebrate it and enjoy your American Holiday.... anyway you can. 

  12. Don't they celebrate Halloween in Mexico? In Peru we do. As a kid I always went trick or treating with my brothers and friends, and then as a teenager and grown up there have always been halloween parties.