Laugh of the Day: Spanish Friday Edition

Linking up with my friend Latinaish for Spanish Friday.  Don't speak or read Spanish?  Not a problem!  Just scroll down a little for the English Translation.

Ayer, mi esposo estaba ayudando a uno de nuestros sobrinos con su tarea de geografia.  (El mismo sobrino de la otra vez.)  Una de las preguntas era "¿Cómo está organizado México?"  A la que mi sobrino contesto, "MUY MAL!"


English Translation:

Yesterday, Hubby was helping one of our nephews with his geography homework.  (The same nephew from this blog post.)  One of the questions was, "How is Mexico organized?"  To which our nephew answered, "VERY BAD!"



  1. ROFL!! I love this sobrino! Hilarious.

  2. HAHAHAHA hilarious!

    Just found out today your blog is no longer blocked at my office... hurray!

  3. YAY!!! I wonder why it was blocked in the first place.  I guess I better cut back on all of my naughty adult content! LOL  :P  

  4. ¡Qué risa me da! Sigo riéndome. Me encantó. No sale tan chistoso en inglés, ¿verdad que no?

  5. HOOT!!!  AY que chistoso!!!  From the mouths of babes...! ;^)

  6. That's funny. But Mexico seems to arranged okay. YOU are there, after all.