Bits & Pieces

The past couple of weeks have been a  little hectic in the Limón household.  In between multiple group homework assignments and toothaches, we've had a birthday or anniversary to celebrate every week since the beginning of September.  

The most recent being Nick's 12th birthday, which was yesterday (Friday).  My little boy is twelve years old!  That means that at this time next year, he'll be a teenager.  Where did the time go?  

Speaking of time just flying right by us, the day before Nick's birthday we celebrated another special anniversary.   Our 11th anniversary of living in Mexico.  Eleven years sounds like an incredibly long time.  Somehow it just doesn't feel like it's been that long.

I wanted to write a blog post to commemorate such a special occasion, but my darn tooth hurt like the dickens that day and I wasn't able to do much of anything except writhe in pain.  It's kind of my own fault, I guess.  I mean, I probably should have gone in for the root canal instead of having my wisdom tooth pulled, but I really didn't want to go through all that pain again.  I still don't.  But that tooth isn't giving me much of a choice.  Darn it!

On a happier note, sometime tonight Daylight Savings finally comes to an end (for those of us in Mexico).  Good riddance!  I am looking forward to an extra hour of sleep and seeing that the sun is already out when I wake up.
The only bad thing about the end of Daylight Savings is that cycling season is also coming to a close.  Today, Hubby and his cycling buddies rode all the way from Mascuala (outskirts of Guadalajara) for the last ride of the season.

Hubby's the one in plaid shorts smiling directly at the camera. 

While Hubby was away, the kiddies and I enjoyed a  lazy  relaxed Saturday playing games, eating leftover pizza and watching movies.  But not just any movies, our favorite Halloween movies, which helped lift our Halloween spirits that have been of dragging since the loss of my decorations.

The kiddies have all decided on their costumes.  I'm sworn to secrecy until Halloween, but I will give you a hint.  Hope had me do a practice run on her make-up.  Can you guess what she's going to be?

All in all, today was a good day. 

How was your day?



  1. Oh my goodness I'm going to be the same thing as Hope!  Haha, you did a great job!

  2. Hope looks gorgeous!!! Congrats to hubby for the bike ride and to Nick for his bday :)

  3. Wow that is a great picture of Hope. Happy Anniversary and Happy birthday to Nick.