Adventures in House Renting & Quite Possibly The End of the World

For 8 of the soon-to-be 11 years we have lived in Mexico, we have been renting a house that is just 3 doors down from my in-laws.  (We lived with them our first 3 years in Mexico.)

Up until August of last year, we had lived in this house without a rental contract and paid the ridiculously low amount of 600 pesos per month for the rent of both the house and Hubby's upholstery shop.  (Can you imagine paying $50 dollars a month in rent for both a house and a shop in the U.S.?)

Then last year, when one of the owners came to visit, she doubled our rent and insisted we sign a rental agreement.  I think she works as an apartment manager or something like that in the U.S.  As a former office manager for a property management company, I can understand why she was so insistent 

When filling out the agreement, the owner told us we could make it out for however long we wanted.   Not happy about having our rent doubled overnight, Hubby wasn't really sure if he wanted us to continue living in this house much longer, so we suggested it be for only a year.

That contract expired in August.  With the owners in the U.S. and the landlady not really wanting to be involved, no mention of needing or wanting a new one was ever made.  Until last week.  The landlady dropped off a new rental agreement/contract for us to fill out and sign.  Again, we were told  we could make it out for as long as we wanted.

Not wanting to have to go through this hassle year after year, Hubby and I agreed that a three year contract would be fine.

Well...this morning we got a call from the other owner of the house (they're sisters) telling us that we should fill out the contract for just another year, because she hopes to move down some time at the end of next year.  Si Dios quiere.  (If God willing.)

All of this is fine with both Hubby and I.  We knew that we wouldn't live in this house forever.  Me and this house have never really gotten along anyway.  (You can read more about that here and here.)  The good thing is that we have a few options for our next rental home when our time is finally up.

What's really disturbing to me though, is that one of those houses is out in the middle of nowhere (really it's just the outskirts of town) with absolutely no internet access WHATSOEVER!

Looks like 2012 might be the end of the world after all!

Ay. Dios. Mio!


  1. Hi Leslie,

    You may have considered this, but I use the Telcel Banda Ancha because where I live there is no Telmex service. It is a bit more expensive and it is not unlimited, but it is convenient to be able to take it with you. It is not the fastest and if you are downloading lots of music or videos, it will eat up the GB's fast, but web browsing and emailing, etc, I have never used more than 3GB a month. I work over the internet, so I am online for at least 6-8 hours a day. Good luck!

  2. We sold my house here in the US so we could relocate to Mexico City..but I have college age son who needs place to live..his rent is $1200 US dollars..I would love to be able to pay a reasonable it looks like buying a house for him will be we are stuck here for another six viejo really wants to return to his family and take me with him..oh well...I wish I had your options.

  3. No internet access? Well, only if you can find your way to a place with WiFi so I can keep enjoying your blog =)

  4. Noooo!!! I feel your pain. After we moved to the country, I was without for a while, then limped along on dial-up for a while. I hope you can work something out!!

  5. WOW! Hang in there chica! If you need a realtor In LA at anytime, I know the BEST! xoxox

  6. I hope things work out with what seems like an unavoidable move. I hope it somewhere with wifi! I can't imagine otherwise. That really would be disconnecting!

  7. Whaaaat? I refuse to accept the fact that you might lost Internet access. Unacceptable.

  8. A life without internet?!  PERISH THE THOUGHT!
    I guess we'll be reading about house hunting soon - I can't wait :D 

  9. OH NO!  You CAN NOT move somewhere where there is no internet access!  I would be distraught!  Please no no!  Just erase that idea from your heads please.....