Latism Official Blogger Vs. Blogger Vs. Blogger Challenge

In honor of Independence Day here in Mexico, and Hispanic Heritage Month, I am linking up with some very special friends of mine -Chantilly of Bicultural Mom and Vanessa of De Su Mama -  to bring you this special edition of Blogger vs. Blogger vs. Blogger, brought to you by my friends at Latism. and hosted by my blog compadre, Juan of Words.

1.  This is us!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful familia.  My handsome hubby, Alfonso. (I call him Alfie, everyone else calls him Poncho, but here on the blog he's known as Hubby.)  Our gorgeous kiddies: Hope (13), Nick (11), Ashley (8) and Jack (6).  And that's me, Leslie, in the purple dress.  This picture was taken in December at my suegros' (in-laws') 45th Anniversary Extravaganza.

2.  The family that shops together...

When out shopping, we can never agree on anything.  I want to buy groceries and things for my kitchen.  Hubby wants something sweet like pan dulce (Mexican pastry) or something for his bicycle.  (He's my Mexican Lance Armstrong!)   The kiddies all want toys and/or clothes & makeup.  The only thing we agree on is the wide variety of fruits and veggies that vendors deliver to our door almost daily.  Like Elotes (corn)!

3.  My babies are beautiful!

It's said that there is only one perfect, beautiful child in this world and every mom has it.  BUT...I happen to know that there are actually four of them.  With good-looking parents like me and Hubby, it's no surprise that my kiddies are absolutely gorgeous!  

4.  Keeping up with Los Limon

Longtime readers of Motherhood in Mexico know that our favorite place to hang out is El Rancho.
Any chance we get, this is where we can be found.  Grilling Carne Asada, baking bread in the clay oven and just enjoying a good time with the family.

5.  Thru the years...

The oldest thing in our house, that we hope to one day pass on to our children and grandchildren is this camuca that belonged to Hubby's abuelita.   It's kind of like a wood saddle that she would use when riding her burro (donkey). 

6.  Momma's Favorite Toy

Hubby thinks I should post a pic of my computer, because I play with it every chance I get.  Which is true, BUT...I have to disagree with Hubby on this one.  My computer is not a toy.  It's so much more than that and one of life's bare necessities.  For toys, my favorite is my Kindle.  I can read books in English! (Which are really hard to find here.)  Listen to music.  Surf the web.  Play games.   It's like a bunch of toys rolled into one.  

7.   A picture is worth 1,000 words.

I think this picture captures the essence of what our family (and this blog) is all about...a unique blend of American and Mexican culture and tradition. 

8.  Growing Pains

When we first moved to Mexico, we lived in 2 rooms on the second floor of my suegros' home for 3 years.  As soon as we moved out, they turned it into another dentist office.  (One I'm way too familiar with!)  

9.  I'm not cooking tonight!!!

For those nights that I just don't feel like cooking dinner, there's really only one food we turn to and that is TACOS, from our favorite taco stand that is just down the street from our house. 

10.  Hurry up! We're running late!!! 

Yeah, right!!!  If there's one thing I can't stand, it is being late!  Living in Mexico, I've learned that not everyone feels the same way, so I've had to let go of my OCD habit of showing up early for parties.  But for school, mass and appointments, I'm ALWAYS on time.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life.  Be sure to check out my competition in this Battle of the Mamí Bloggers: Bicultural Mom and De Su Mama.

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  1. Very, very cute Leslie!  I love the photo of your family chillin' with elotes!  Seriously, looks fun.  I miss street food...very little of that here.  Where I used to live in west Michigan, it was more a least during the summers.  ;)  Haha...I love your hubby's comment about the computer, but you're right...that's for work and necessities...not down time.  ;)  LOL.

  2. Leslie, YOU ROCK!!! Awesome pictures! Great humor! And you have beautiful children :-)  Thank you so much for being a part of this mami edition of Blogger vs Blogger!

  3. It's true Leslie, YOU ROCK!  I loved the picture of the family eating elotes and your son with both flags is a great shot.  You do have a beautiful family and for that you get a lot of credit.  The tacos look good too, we rarely see those brown beans down here in the Yucatan and I miss them.  I need to go find me a good norteño taco stand.  

  4. Such a fun post!  I loved learning more about you y su familia!

  5. Love the glimpse into your life. You have a beautiful family!

  6. Thank you, Melanie!  

  7. No, Juan.  Thank YOU for inviting me to participate!  I had a lot of fun.  

  8. Awww, thank you, Jonna!  :) 

    We don't eat a lot of black beans in our small town.  I was trying out a new recipe a couple of weeks ago, and when I told my friends and family here that it was with black beans, they all made a sour face.  Thank goodness the recipe was a hit and changed a few minds about black beans. :) 

  9. Thank you!  I'm so glad you stopped by my "other" blog! :)  You know you're welcome here anytime. :) 

  10. Leslie! Great photos, amiga!! I L.O.V.E. the photo of your little man with the soccer ball and flags. Such a perfect capture! You are certainly blessed with some beautiful children, and I envy your opportunity to expose them to life outside the US.

  11. Beautiful family!  I loved the pic of your son standing in the doorway w/the american and mexican flags.  It was great to look at all the pics and learn more about you and your familia!

  12. Yes, I already knew most of that about you, but always good to read it again. I didn't know that you don't like being late though! For some reason I just figured....
    Love that picture of Jack under the flags too!

  13. Leslie, I have a hard time believing that you have such grown kids! You're so young, amiga. By far one of my favorite posts. I enjoyed learning more about your and your beautiful family. A belated cumpleaños to you, too. <3