Two Weeks Notice...

I can't believe that we've already come to this.

I have been having so much fun.

Staying up late, not worrying about waking up before the sun comes out.  Waking up at 8.  Taking my sweet time to do my housework.  Not really planning anything.  Playing outside.  Playing hooky from my blog and Facebook.  Laughing.  Watching movies.  Going to soccer games.  Hanging out with my visiting in-law's.  Dias de campo and picnics at La Presa.

I knew it wasn't going to last forever, but I didn't think it would all be over so soon.  It's only been four weeks! 

But looking at my calendar today only confirmed my suspicions...School starts in just two weeks!

Ay Dios mio!

Time to start going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up early.  Time to start making lists.  Time to buy school supplies, backpacks, shoes and uniforms for all the kiddies.

Time to come back to the real world.


So...ready or not, here I come!



  1. well that's no fun! Make the most of your last two weeks :)

  2. School supply shopping! Can you believe it? I'm not even in school, do not have kids in school and I still buy school supplies when they are on sale, but in my defense I plan on putting a stationary store in Nayarit and maybe teach the kids basic English. Plus here in the states I help my neices and nephews ALL the time with their homework so I always have a stash when doing big projects. 

  3. My kids are all grown and graduated. Can't say I miss the back-to-school hassles. :-)

  4. We are in the same situation, Leslie! My children start on the 18th and my students start on the 22nd. I am trying to get my children to go to bed earlier but every night I am awakened by their giggles. I am getting back into the routine, but don't know how to make them go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Good luck to you, amiga!

  5. Leslie, it sounds like you've been having a glorious summer. Can I come down? ; ) Enjoy the next two weeks. I know what you mean and I only have one to worry about. Un abrazo.