30 Day Song Challenge: Week 1

Have you heard of the 30 Day Song Challenge?  It's a popular meme floating around Facebook and Blogland.  Each day has it's own topic/category such as: your favorite song, your least favorite song, a song that drives you crazy, etc.

Well last week my friend, Juan (from the blog Juan of Words) and I started the 30 Day Song Challenge on our Facebook fan pages.

I'm having so much fun remembering old favorites, that I thought I'd share them here too.    

Day 1 - Your favorite song:
Choosing just one favorite song was not an easy task for me.  But out of all of the songs I love, this is my absolute favorite.  I could listen to it over and over again.  

Day 2 - Your LEAST favorite song:
I like the message of this song, but that's about it.  And I'm usually a fan of Beyonce's, but I can't stand this song.  

Day 3 - A song that makes you happy:
Yes, I know I'm a dork!  But I LOVE this song and can't help but feel happy whenever I hear it. 

Day 4 - A song that makes you sad: 
Living in Mexico, I rarely get to hear the Star Spangled Banner.  So whenever I do get to hear it, which is usually while watching the Super Bowl, I can't help but cry and feel just a little sad and homesick for the good ol' U.S. of A.

DAY 5 - A song that reminds you of someone:
This song reminds me of my mom because it was one of her favorites.   

DAY 6 - A song that reminds you of somewhere:
The title of this song is pretty self explanatory.  It reminds me of the three years I lived in Amarillo when I was a kid.  (And I've had the biggest crush on George Strait for as long as I can remember!) 

Day 7 - A song that reminds you of a certain event:
This song reminds me of my Senior Prom.  (The theme was Set the Night To Music.)  My prom wasn't all that memorable or traumatic for me, but it was for my best friend.  I know she still cringes
whenever she hears this song.  

What songs would you choose? 



  1. I did this challenge! pretty fun!

  2. Ohhh amiga - that is too funny!!!

    I love the Beyonce song to be honest, but hey, to each their own!!!

    Looove your fave song too!!! An oldie, but a goodie :)

  3. Ooooohhh i wanna play! Can i play?? Great and fun idea! =)