Dia de Campo

No, Dia de Campo isn't another holiday.  But it should be and we should have one at least once a month.  A dia de campo is a day spent out in the open-air, be it a picnic, a day at the ranch or just a day spent sight-seeing.  For us it was all three rolled into one.

Before setting out for our Dia de Campo, Nicky and my 8 year old nephew modeled the lastest in Sombrero fashion. 

Look!  It has air conditioning!

First stop of the day was a small church in the nearby ranch community of La Cucharita.  I learned so much about this church, why it was built and the story behind the patron saint La Virgen de La Cucharita.  (Future Mi Mexico Monday post!)

As we were exiting the church and deciding where to head to next, we heard a few strains of happy music blaring from a small Mazda truck that could only mean one thing....

....Ice Cream! 

We then continued on our merry way and as we drove around we saw lots and lots of cows!

Have I mentioned that how much I love cows?  I would have loved to take this little guy home with me.

In between cow sightings, we passed by this small panteon (cemetery).

Then we finally reached our destination...El Arbol Bola.  I think it looks like that big oak tree on the back of those special edition quarters from some years back.  (I think it was the Connecticut quarter.)

Perfect place for picnic, don't you think?

 After lunch, some chose to climb the enormous tree.

While others preferred to swing from them.  Like father....

....like son.

I went for a walk, taking photographs of whatever caught my fancy.  I thought this particular cactus paddle looked like a big foot with the tunas (prickly pears) being the toes. 

Is this what an oasis looks like?

 One of my favorite photos of the day and that's no bull!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

On our way home we stopped at yet another church.  Didn't learn any interesting, but I did get this gorgeous shot.

Not a bad day at all!



  1. WOW Leslie. That's really quite beautiful. So interesting to see. I love when you share your life there. Fascinating. It sort of gives me the nerve to possibly move to Egypt with his majesty one day. BIG decision.. and awesome

  2. That is a great day!  And, a post full of pictures is always my favorite!

  3. Beautiful fotos!  I love the one of the church with the sky above!  Looks like you and family had a wonderful day!

  4. Awesome photography. I could see some of these as postcards. Especially like the ice cream and foot shots ; D Have a great week!

  5. I can't believe of how fast your children change from photo to photo over the few years that I have been reading your blog. You probably don't notice it because you see them every day. But looking at photos over the few years sure show it!
    Looks like a nice way to keep the family tied together with a common interest, something which is (has) disappearing up North.
    Something which I think contributes to the social issues up there.....

  6. You have found proof of the legend that giants have six toes.  Proof positive right here.

    I am doing my best to get out and enjoy the amazing sights that are just  within a day trip drive from my house.  It is too easy to get stuck in the stay at home syndrome.

  7. Beautiful pictures Leslie, but what really grabbed me was that gorgeous jeep!  ahhh... a red jeep is one of the finest things in life.  If I ever have to get rid of my army green jeep, a red one is next.

  8. great pix as usual!  that looked like a fun day.  what a nice tradition. 

    the calves are so cute. if i remember correctly, don`t you have a cowhide somewhere in  your house, or cow design?  i don`t guess you`d have a hide if you really love cows.  

    arrived in nagoya last night after an almost 13 hour flight, then 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel. it:s rainy season and it:s coming down in buckets.  i don`t mind at all. i`m just glad i took my long walk before it started.

    take care and have a great week!

    teresa formerly from lake stevens-now from nagoya, japan

  9. Tancho, just yesterday I was noticing how much my children have grown in the last couple of years.  I was comparing old photos I had of them at El Rancho from 2 years ago and yesterday.  Time is flying by way too quickly.   

  10. Hi Teresa! 

    I do love cows and I did post a picture of my couches covered in a faux cow print that Hubby was working with in his upholstery shop, but that was it.  No cow hides here.  Just a ton of cow print coffee mugs. :) 

    Nagoya and Mexico have something in common...it's rainy season here too!

    What an exciting time this must be for you!  I hope you'll share photographs soon and maybe start that blog. :) 

    With Love,

  11. That is lovely! My favourite picture is the icecream!!! ...Ok and the bull...and the oasis...and the church! I miss dias de campo back in Mexico. Saludos!!!

  12. beautiful and so green!  Spending the day outdoors is always the best.  Your fotos are fantastic!

  13. I agree with everyone else, these are beautiful pictures! I especially love the cactus foot :)

  14. hi leslie,

    so many people have recommened that i start a blog that i just may do so.  however, i want to wait till the new year.  it just seems like a good time to start something new.  in the meantime, i am going to be sending a weekly update.  i can send you the pix from our househunting trip if you`d like. after that it may be a while before i can send any because we are not in our house yet. we are being spoiled staying the hilton.  

    take care,