Weekend Wrap-Up

Hubby surprised us for the second Saturday in a row by announcing that he was closing the shop for the day and taking us swimming.   Like any good mom/blogger I had my camera in hand at all times. 

On our way to the albercas (swimming pools), we stopped at the gas station and saw this little trailer with about 3 horsepower.  (Hehehe! Sorry bad joke, I know.  I couldn't help myself.)

This particular horse was pretty entertaining.  The kiddies would ask him questions like "Is that your girlfriend next to you?" and "Is that your mother-in-law behind you?" to which he would answer by nodding his head yes, giving us the evil eye or just flashing us a playful grin.

Soon after we left the gas station, we caught up with this mano de chango.  Literally translated mano de chango means monkey's hand.  Now I'm not big on technical speak, but I'm pretty sure that's not the actual name of this tractor contraption, also known as a back hoe.

During the drive, one can't help but see how dry everything is, including this charco (mini-reservoir) that always reminds me of a mini-Tenochtitlan when filled.

I really hope the rains start soon.   I miss seeing my lush green mountainside.

The Rio Verde bridge.  The sign that we've made it to our destination.  The turn off to the swimming pools is right after the bridge, so drive slowly or you'll miss it.

Hubby cooling off in the kiddie pool.  Just kidding.  He's actually taking a shortcut to the "BIG" pool.  The cement was too hot to walk on in bare feet.  

The kiddies taking the same short cut. 


Hope was smart, she took her shoes with her to every pool.   No need for shortcuts.

Yours truly and my favorite 6 year old chillin' poolside.

I could end this post here, but I have a couple of more pics from this weekend that I want to share. 

Today (Sunday), when we arrived at my suegra's for lunch, we were greeted by this lovely camisa de vibora (dried snake skin) that my brother-in-law found at El Rancho Ay, ay, ay!

The rest of the day was pretty laid back.  An eating watermelon on the sidewalk kind of day.  

I don't know why Jack looks so sad in this picture.

Maybe it had something to do with the bee that landed on Hubby's watermelon.  We don't like bees at all, but I couldn't resist taking this little guy's picture.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Hmm, I didn't need a reminder that the weekend is over already! Although Jose now has Sundays and Mondays off every other week so technically tonight would be my Saturday, lol. And since the kids are out of school and I don't work, every days a weekend, ha ha!

    Nothing exciting beyond my baby sister visiting for the weekend and going out to dinner and selling mercancia de los equipos de Mexico while hubby was playing futbol this morning :)


  2. Well Saturday I got my new puppy!! He so cute!! Also my sisters and I went to my moms, my aunt recently passed from cancer and she left a lot of jewelry and things that she wanted us girls to look through and choose pieces. So we were there at my moms saturday had a little visit and ate some food!!
    Then today we bbq and finally set up Tifani's pool, we had some friends over and Tifani got to play. Oh and I loved seeing all your pics!! Do you guys have one of those waters that are natural warm? I forgot what they are called, but these boys used to go to a place by where they're from in Huejucar and swim where the water was just really warm!

  3. I like the "conversation" with the horse. This sounds like something my husband and I do. We hold conversations with our dog all the time. Sometimes they are pretty intelligent too.

    I would say your son looked sad with the watermelon because it was gone. Didn't last long enough.

  4. I wish I has as much fun as you all did this weekend!  My weekend went much too fast and was primarily filled with cleaning and shopping (some of it fun enough).  I spoke with my husband twice, which was good.  So, pretty much the same as every weekend I have here in the US.

  5. Oh, how fun!  We never got to any sort of swimming spot.  Now that the rain is due to start anytime (hey it rained in the middle of the night here, did you get the rain too?) it will start to cool off and I want care about going swimming as much. 

    I will have to bug the husband about taking us somewhere.

  6. Well, our weekend fun was a bit unusual. Hubby had his other hip replaced. That might not sound like fun but we're soooooo looking forward to being able to do things he hasn't been able to do for several years because of his hip pain.

  7. Fun weekend!! I also hate hot concrete and bees :)

  8. What great pictures!  I bet the swimming trip was awesome considering the hotness you've been mentioning.  The watermelon looks yummy too!!!!  That was a long snake skin!  Great pics!  Keep them coming amiga!

  9. Looks like all of you enjoyed your weekend a lot!  Did your brother-in-law kill the snake or did he just find it?  It was pretty long, that's for sure.  I'm afraid of snakes.  Great photos!

  10. Wow!  Anyplace with snakes catches my interest.  I should jump in the Escape and head up your way.  But it is probably just as hot there.

  11. Yes, you should! :)  We find all kinds of wild animals at El Rancho. No crocodiles, but plenty of snakes.   

  12. My brother-in-law found the snakeskin.  Hubby and his brothers have tremendous respect for animals in the wild and would never consider killing one unless someone was in danger.  

  13. Gracias, amiga!  A trip to the swimming pools was just what we needed to help cool down in this horrific heatwave. :P

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend!  Can't wait to see pics of your new puppy! :) 

    The swimming pools are filled with water from nearby hot springs, so yes the water in the pools can be very warm.  Great during the colder months, but right now we prefer the cooler swimming pool. :) 

  15. I love that you and your husband have conversations with your dog.  I do the same thing with my cats. :)  

  16. Ezzy Guerrero-LanguzziJune 16, 2011 at 5:36 AM

    ¡Qué divertido! ¿Entonces hablaba español el caballo? Love it. I've been seeing pictures of pools all over the place. I think it's time for a family vacation. ... "Mano de chango" ... *risas*

  17. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. How refreshing the pools look!