Mi Mexico Monday: Block Party

Templo de San Antonio

Put on your Sunday best my friends, because for today's Mi Mexico Monday I'm inviting everyone to a party.  But not just any party, this party is for a Saint.

Every year, the nearby barrio of San Antonio hosts a week long kermesse (block party) in honor of Saint Anthony.  Today (June 13th) is the most important and anticipated day of the festivities because it is Saint Anthony's feast day.

Like any good party, there were games.

Lots of delicious food Mexican food, like enchiladas, pozole, and tamales

Tacos, prepared by the church's youth group known as La Pandilla del Señor (The Lord's Gang). 


Delicious bacon-wrapped hotdogs.  Yum!

And elotes (corn).

And of course, plenty of cake for everyone. 

Along with empanadas and donas (donuts) to enjoy with your cafecito (coffee).  

And no kermesse would be complete without a castillo (a castle-like contraption with lots of spinning and exploding fireworks). 
Building the castillo

Not only was the entire town celebrating Saint Anthony because of his feast day, but because El Dia de San Antonio is known in my small town as un dia llovedor (a rainy day).  With the exception of the last couple of years, it has ALWAYS rained on Saint Anthony's feast day.  I don't think there was a soul in town who wasn't hoping that the rains would start today..  Sadly, this is the third or fourth year that Saint Anthony hasn't blessed us with any rain.  I guess it's time to pull out the big  guns  saints, but that's a story for another day.

Some interesting tidbits about San Antonio that I have learned over the years. He is the patron saint of animals.  He is THE saint to turn to when looking for lost items.  And he is the unofficial patron saint of las cotorras (spinsters/unmarried women).  For years, women have prayed, begged and pleaded with Saint Anthony to bring them a husband.  One common practice that was supposedly guaranteed to bring you a husband was to turn a figurine of Saint Anthony on his head.  In recent years it has been revealed that doing so only results in getting the wrong kind of husband.  

Hasta la proxima!  (Until next time!)


  1. That was lovely Leslie! I really like this part of your blog to show us what's going on around you! Being away from my Mexico i am lusting about every single photo you have here...starting with hot dogs, pan dulce and elotes!!! Yummmmmm! 
    PS: I was at some point very close to put poor St Antonio upside down hahaha =P

  2. It must be nice to be so informed about all the going ons in your town.  When I ask my husband about various events going on he always acts like he doesn't know exactly what they are called or what they are for.  Maybe he just doesn't want to take the time to tell me.  Or, maybe he just really doesn't know...

    Silly boy!

  3. I always chuckle because this day is George's birthday a.k.a. Antonio -- he was named after the saint!  I tell him he should be a little more saintly. ;)

  4. I like reading your posts,and all the pictures you show. We're trying to teach Tifani some spanish, and she says I don't want to speak da spaneesh.(that how she said it) Anything that sounds like it's spanish she changes the word or won't say it! She likes to drink pretend tea and coffee in her little cups and her dad told her is that nescafe, she said what's that he said it's coffee go tell your mommy you want nescafe. She came and told me mommy I want nescoffee! Oh and We're having bacon wrapped hot dogs for dinner.

  5. As one of those guys who has spent his life avoiding marriage, I am always a bit wary of Anthony and his little tricks.

  6. Looks like so much fun! Hopefully you'll get rain next year :)

    "La Pandilla del Señor" hahaha love it

  7. hola leslie,

    las fotos de los pasteles, donas y empanadas me hicieron un poco envidiosa.  pues no e podido comer nada dulce en varias semanas porque la ultima vez que me chequearon la azucar la tenia un poco alta. fue parte de la prueba fisica que tuvimos que hacernos antes de mudarnos.  este viernes me la van a chequear otra vez.  por favor dir una oracion por mi salud y que mi sangre este normal. yo e sido prediabetica por muchos anos pero tengo el presentimiento que fue el stress de tener que encontrar nuevos duenos para nuestras mascotas, que hiso mi azucar subir. 

    el viernes por la tarde nos vamos a japon por una semana para buscar casa. grcias a Dios, la compania paga todo, inclusivo nuestra renta y costo de vivienda.

    que tengas un buen dia.


  8. so do you have to buy the food or just bring something to share? love the dessert spread...

  9. OMG! Those cake look mouthwatering!

  10. Ezzy Guerrero-LanguzziJune 16, 2011 at 5:28 AM

    I want to go ... We have a St Anthony's feast here in Boston, too, during the month of August. Could it be the same Santo, but on a different day? Ahora quiero empanadas y elotes para el desayuno!

  11. San Antonio has a lot on his plate and then he gets turned on his head. Poor guy.