It's raining cars!

My backyard!

"¡Se cayo un carro! ¡Se cayo un carro!", my mother-in-law shouted outside our bedroom window, startling both Hubby and I as we were waking up from our afternoon nap.  We stared at each other trying to make sense of what my suegra was saying.  No words were spoken, but it was obvious we were thinking the same thing.  A falling car?  From where?  How is that possible?  I know we had a pretty good rainstorm this afternoon and that car accidents are prone to happen, but a falling car?  

We jumped out of bed and hopped to the door, trying to put our shoes on at the same time and slipping on the rain water that made it's way under our front door and halfway down our saguan (entranceway).  As soon as Hubby opened the door, my suegra shouted, "¡Hubo un derrumbe y se cayo un carro!"  (There was a landslide and a car fell!)

"¿Dónde?", asked Hubby. (Where?)

"En el canal." (In the canal.)

"¿El de aquí atrás?"  (The one behind us?)

"¡Si!"  (Yes!)

Hubby and the kiddies raced out the front door to my suegra's house, up the stairs to my brother-in-law's dental office and  where we once lived, all to get a better look of the empty lot behind my house. 

In less than a minute, Hubby raced back to our house and opened the back, unused (and unfinished) portion of our house.  I followed Hubby up the stairs, curious as to what all of the commotion was about.  Hubby directed my attention to our back window, where I saw that part of the contention wall  - that is about 30 yards from my house - had crumbled, bringing with it a vehicle that was parked on the street above.  Thankfully, no one was injured. 

And now we wait to see if the rest of the wall doesn't come crumbling down as well. 

This is Leslie Limón, reporting live from my backyard.


  1. When I first saw the picture I thought, "is that a car?".  And, sure enough, it is!  That IS crazy!  Glad no one was hurt, though.

    I mean, we said bring on the rain, but does it have to come so hard and heavy?  I guess that is why they say be careful of what you wish for.

    By the way, nice reporting job!  Just one more talent I wasn't aware you had! 

  2. Wow, crazy goings on in your backyard.  Glad no one was hurt, good thing the kids weren't playing back there at the time.
    Hope you have a more tranquil evening.

  3. Whoa!!! That is crazy and scary!! I'm glad no one was hurt! Did you all hear anything while you were napping...I mean besides the suegra yelling?

  4. Hey.  It could be worse.  It could be raining men.  (A Homer Simpson moment I could not resist.)

  5. 'ta cañon Leslie!  Once we were watching a movie in our bedroom and heard a loud explosion.  We looked out our window and across a busy street saw a car burning.  It seems a mechanic had left it running and there was a glitch in the engine.  That still doesn't seem as extreme as a car falling into your "backyard".  Crazy.  I'm glad no one was hurt!

  6. Hope you have plenty of distance between your house and that crumbling roadway. There's going to be a lot more rain. Looking forward to more reports... are they going to fix the road? Shore it up where it collapsed? 

  7. Sun Dance, Moon DanceJune 26, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    Came from LBS, wow, what a story!

  8. Wow... Since nobody was hurt I no longer feel guilty about turning your title into a remix of a weather girls song. I do feel bad for your wall though...

    stopping in from the lbs tea party. :-)

  9. You're funny. But this isn't! Ay! I hope nobody got hurt. Is the land you're on on solid ground??? You made me picture people staring up to the sky watching cars falling from the clouds. *LOL* Cuidate, amiga. <3

  10. OMG. Glad noone was hurt. What a thing! And I complain about the regular type of rain! :P

  11. Yikes--and I thought Oklahoma weather was wild!  ;)  I am so glad that everyone was OK.

  12. Holy Cats!!!!  I hope everyone is okay?  That is not always the best way to wake up from a nap, maybe another siesta is in order:-) 
    Hugs, Terra

  13. WHOA!!!!! crazy! Ok it's been a week... what's the update?