Stop the insanity!

Albert Einstein once described insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

I've always loved that quote, but never thought that it would ever apply to me.  But this afternoon, I came to the realization that that is exactly what I have been doing this month.     

It's 2:35 pm.  We've finished our lunch.  The kiddies are enjoying their TV time.  And Hubby is fast asleep, taking full advantage of Mexico's 2-hour lunch break.  I am sitting at my computer, reading my emails, catching up with the latest happenings on Facebook and Twitter and getting ready to write a much needed blog post.  As much as I love blogging, I really haven't had much time to write this month.  But today is the day.  I don't care what happens, I am going to write a blog post, TODAY!

I glance over my shoulder and notice Hubby sleeping soundly on the bed behind me.  He looks so comfortable.  I wish I could take a nap too.  I've been up since six and could really use a nap.  It's so hot and my legs and feet are killing me.  It would just be a little nap.  I can blog later.  I know I've said that to myself everyday this month, but this time I really mean it.  I'll find a way to make some time to write a blog post today, even if I have to stay up until after midnight to do so.

As I lay down next to Hubby, I make a mental run through of the rest of my day, trying to figure out just when I'll have some free time to write.
"As soon as I wake up, I have to help the kiddies with their homework.  Then I need to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.  Of course, by the time I'm done, the living room will be a mess, so I'll need to clean that up as well.  Then I need to run next door to the cyber to print something up for one of Hope's homework assignments.  When I get back, I need to make sure all of the kiddies take a shower.  I'll fold and put away the laundry while the kids are doing that.  Hubby's been pretty busy in the shop this week, I'm pretty sure he'll need my help for a little bit.  After that, it'll be time for dinner.  Then I'll need to clean the dining room and kitchen AGAIN.  I should be done just in time to watch Oprah's last show at eight.  I'll send the kiddies to bed at nine and spend a little time with Hubby.  I should be able to get on the computer at around ten.  Not bad.  See?  I can do this!" 
Then of course, my own mind starts to play devil's advocate.
"Leslie, you're gonna be too wound up to write.  Or your brain is going to be completely  fried.  You're going to need to spend at least thirty minutes on Facebook just to relax.  And by then, you'll just be too tired.  You'll go to bed, promising yourself that you'll write tomorrow." 
And that's when it hit me.  I've been doing the same thing, over and over, all month long hoping for  different results.  That's just insane!

So, I jumped out of bed and decided to break the cycle.  It's time to stop the insanity and write that blog post.

And would you look at the time!  If I hit "Publish" now, I can still catch a little shut-eye before 4. 



  1. haha great post! Glad you got to blog and nap today :)

  2. enjoyed reading your post but it made me wonder, do your kids have chores?  i know you're a wonderful mom and you probably already know this, but one of the best gifts we can give our kids is to help them become self sufficient. if you start when they're young, they'll be able to help quite a bit with the housework and by the time they're old enough to leave the nest, they'll be able to take good care of themselves and their homes. it just sounds like you do so much cleaning-it sounds like you could use a little more free time.

    well, our move to japan is getting closer.  next month we go on a househunting trip and the following month, we move.  we still have a lot to do, but slowly but surely it will all get done. 

    take care leslie,


  3. so glad you were able to post!  were you able to squeeze in that little nap?  I feel the same way you do often!  There is so much to do and not enough time. 

  4. More often than not, young, urban, Mexican children have few or no chores, and they are rarely taught how to behave respectfully.  They are however, taught to show deference to their elders, and this would seem  to eventually manifest in a sense of responsibility to parents. We shouldn't expect this to hold true much longer.  Everyday is Christmas when doting parents, living vicariously, wising to provide the ideal childhood.  Socio-economic status matters not, because spoilt children are rarely motivated to excel beyond the examples they have growing up.  Rearing children to be descent, honest adults is a challenge, but equally vital is preparing them to advance in affluence and education.. 

  5. Hi Teresa!

    Yes, my kids do have chores.  If they didn't, then I would have gone crazy years ago.  We run a very old-fashioned house.  We believe that kids need to be taught responsibility and respect.  They all have their chores that they HAVE to do everyday.  And of course on weekends or when school is out, they have a few more.  Maybe I'll write a blog post about it one of these days.  :) 

    I can only imagine the excitement and nerves you must feel with the move to Japan getting closer.  Were you able to find the kittens a home?  I'm still praying that all goes well.

    Take care and keep me posted. :) 

  6. Hi Bill!  I can't tell you how many kids I've seen kids just like the ones you described.  Kids with no responsibilities/chores and no respect for anyone.  And it's not just a Mexican thing.  

    Hubby and I are very old-fashioned and teach our children values like respect, honesty and responsibility, because that is how we were raised. 

  7. Me too!  It was nice to get back in the habit again. :)  

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  9. Good for you for changing your pattern.

  10. As I read your post, a huge smile stretched across my face. I can totally relate. The, "I'll do it laters," usually only happen if I have to write or exercise. The writing, at least I eventually do. Great post. : )

  11. After a month of lollygagging, I need to get back in the habit myself.  As hot as it is getting during the day, I should have plenty of time to write.  If I can get out enough to collect material.

  12. Leslie I love this post, I also want a nap but usually my to do list takes over. Now that the heat is setting in I think my to do list will get set aside a little more often.

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