Spanish Friday: Name That Tune

spanishfridayI'm linking up, once again with my friend Tracy from Latinaish for Spanish Friday.  Don't speak or read Spanish?  Not a problem.  Scroll down for the English version. 

Cuando recién llegue a México, había un programa de televisión que me gustaba ver. Era un programa de concursos que se llamaba Gente con Chispa, conducido por el guapísimo Alan Tacher. En el programa concursaban celebridades como actores de telenovelas, cantantes y deportistas famosos.

Poco tiempo despues, el programa salió del aire y yo ya la tenia olvidada. Hasta el día de ayer. Mi hijo menor encontró el reproductor de MP3 de su hermana mayor. Jack se puso los audífonos y se puso a cantar a todo pulmon. No se le entendía nada de lo que estaba cantando, pero me causaba mucha risa. Ya tenia tiempo que no me reía tanto.

Escuchar a Jack cantar, me recordó de uno de los juegos de Gente con Chispa. En el programa, había un juego donde dos niños de unos 7 a 9 años de edad participaban. Al igual que Jack, se ponían los audífonos y cantaban en voz alta y no se les entendía nada. Los famosos tenían que adivinar que canción estaban cantando. A veces era muy fácil adivinar la canción, pero la mayor parte del tiempo, nadie sabia de que canción se trataba.

Para darles una idea de lo que hablo, pensé que seria divertido jugar a Adivina La Canción con mi hijo, Jack.  Se los deje super facil.  Si no adivinan esta canción, viven en otro planeta o no tienen niños adolescentes en casa.

¿Pueden Adivinar La Cancion?



English Version:

When I first moved to Mexico, there was a t.v. show that I liked to watch.  It was a game show called Gente con Chispa, hosted by the very handsome Alan Tacher.  The competing contestants were celebrities: soap opera actors, singers and famous sports stars.

Some time later, the show was taken off the air and I had completely forgotten all about it.  Until yesterday.  My youngest son, Jack, found his big sister’s MP3 player.  He put on the headphones and started singing at the top of his lungs.  You couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but it was so funny.  I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. 

Hearing Jack sing, reminded me of one of the games played on Gente con Chispa.  Two little kids, who were about 7 to 9 years old, would put headphones on and sing out loud.  And just like Jack, you couldn’t understand a word the two kids were singing.  The celebrities had to guess what song the kids were singing.  Sometimes it was pretty easy to guess the song, but more often than not, nobody had a clue as to what song they were singing. 

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, I thought it would be fun if we played a game of Name That Tune with my son, Jack.  I’ve given you a super easy song.  If you can’t guess what song it is, you either live on another planet or you don’t have any adolescent children at home.

So…can you Name That Tune?

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  1.  OMG, I am dying here laughing so hard!! I have no clue what he is listening to, I think I got Baby Mama out of it? My daughter listens to Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift, lol. Thanks for the laugh, I still can't stop. I am so going to have to do this to my daughter the next time she starts singing with her headphones on!

  2. Justin Bieber's Baby????? that's the only one I can think of! LOL

  3. ROFLMAO!!! He will want to destroy this video when he's older. I had no CLUE until he got to the BABY! BABY! BABY! ..... I'm guessing Justin Bieber. jajajaa...

  4. Theresa in MeridaMay 13, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    not a clue. He is the cutest little boy even if I don't know what he was singing.

  5.  I LOVED that show! my favorite part was when they had to be blind folded and then the blindfolded person had to stick their hand in a clear container with all kinds of crazy things. 

  6. Hahaha!!!  That was great!  I'm guess Justin Bieber's Baby Baby song....  You've gotta let us know if we are right... 
    He is adorable!

  7. Oh, yeah. Baby ... baby ... baby ... gave it away, for sure! Love it. I think our kids are going to hate us when they grow up. : ) What a cutie.

  8. That is hilarious! For a second there I thought he was just singing gibberish. 

  9. Bravo!!!  You are our lucky winner! :)  

  10. Ha ha ha ha!  I hadn't thought about what Jack would think about this video when he gets older.  All I know that at 6, he is pretty proud of himself and this video. :) 

    And yes, it's Justin Bieber's Baby! :)  

  11. Thank you!  I think he's pretty cute too.  And an excellent singer. :) 

  12.  My favorite part was when they were blindfolded and had to taste some weird foods.  I remember someone even tasting rat.  Ay, ay, ay!   Loved that show! :) 

  13. You guessed correctly!  Jack is singing Justin Bieber's Baby. :)  

  14. This was the song he started singing when found my daughter's MP3 player.  I had no idea either as to what song he was singing.  But then he started shouting Baby, Baby, Baby and I knew without a doubt what he was singing. :)  

  15. my speakers don't work so i can't listen-but i watched, jack is such a cutie. 

     just thought i'd tell you that my husband and i are moving to japan, most likely in the next 2 months.  we lived there twice with the navy and are now going with boeing.   we are really excited about the move but have so much to do between now and then.  i hope to continue subbing as there are several international schools in nagoya, but i am getting my certificate in tesl as well. wish us luck.

    please pray that i can find a home for one of our kitties and that we can take one of them with us.  we can't take all our pets because it 's hard to find places that will accept animals.  we have already found homes for our other cat and dog. yes, we have a total of 4 pets.

    well, it's back to the books.  i have a 3 weekend class in tesl-it started last sat.

    have a great weekend!

    teresa in lake stevens 

  16.  Stopping by from Lady Bloggers... He is so cute! I had NO idea what the song was until... Baby, baby, baby ooooo 

  17. jajajaja Ni tengo idea. Qué chistoso es tu hijo.

  18. Teresa,

    WOW!!!  How exciting that you are moving to Japan!  Of course I wish you the best of luck!  Maybe now that you'll be living in Japan, you'll start that blog that we've all been hoping you'd start. :) 

    I will keep you in my prayers that all will go smoothly! 

    With love,

  19. yes, we are very excited.  who knows, maybe i finally WILL start that blog ;-)

    thank you for the prayers for my kitties.  please continue to pray that we find them good homes as we are now needing to place 2. 

    loved the dress up pictures.  the things big brothers do!  did he ever cut jack's hair?  that happened with our kids-twice!

    take care,