You Can't Keep A Good Blogger Down

After Tuesday night’s post, written from my Kindle due to technical difficulties with my computer’s internet connection, things took a terrible turn for the worse. 

What I thought was just another general city-wide interruption of service, turned out to be a malfunction with an important piece of my hardware.

My modem was fried.  A blogger's worst nightmare come true. 

After a quick call yesterday morning to the friendly folks at Telmex (the Mexican telephone company – owned by Carlos Slim – the richest man in the whole wide world), I was told that a new modem would be delivered to my door within 24 to 72 hours.

One to three days without internet didn't seem too bad.  It’s not like I’m addicted to the computer or the internet or Facebook or blogging.  I could do without it, IF I had to.  I don’t know why I would want to do something silly like that, but I could do it.  Besides, it wasn’t like I was quitting cold turkey; I still had my Kindle to keep me connected if I really felt the need.   

For most of Wednesday I was completely fine.  I had much more important things on my mind to keep me distracted.  But as the kiddies’ bedtime approached, I felt the itch to turn on my computer.  It’s what I always do.  It’s part of my routine – put kids to bed; turn on computer.

Hubby and the kiddies noticed that I was starting to have withdrawals.   They thought it was hilarious and started teasing me about being a modern day Llorona crying, “Ay, mi compu!” instead of "Ay, mis hijos!"

Somehow I made it through the night.  

I woke up feeling refreshed and hopeful that my modem would arrive today.  After all, the service operator I spoke with yesterday DID say it could be as soon as 24 hours.  

So I waited for the little delivery car to arrive.
I waited.  

And waited.  

My modem was nowhere in sight.

At around noon, Hubby pointed out a painfully obvious truth.  "Honey, you do remember that we live in Mexico right?  Nothing ever gets delivered on time!  I hate to break your heart, but I don't think your modem will get here until Monday."

Deep down I knew Hubby was probably right, I just didn't want to believe it.

Just as I was making my way back into the house to lick my wounds, a little white car zoomed down our street and stopped right outside of Hubby's shop.  

My modem arrived!  And once again, all is right in my world.   



  1. I LOVE that little button, "A clean house is the sign of a broken computer." That's sooo true! Unfortunately I go through withdrawls when we have internet problems. Glad that you got yours working again! :)

  2. Oh my, I am glad you got your computer fixed. Dell, HP, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, blogger, etc are the worse withdrawls a person can go through. And to think you family was laughing at you, shame shame shame on them, LOl. Have a good day.

  3. So glad u are back! I like you and your posts for you to be gone too long! I can totally relate. Came home to a non working internet connection after son's soccer practice and what was the 1st thing i did? Call the internet provider, not help my son with his uniform, cook, NADA, mi compu es primero! LOL not really, but i can totally relate!

  4. I can't believe you wrote a blog post with your Kindle! (Actually, I can. I'm pretty much addicted to my blog, too.) I wonder if I can write a blog post with my Nook? I just may have to try!

  5. Glad you haven't become the crying woman! I don't like a few days "sin computadora." Very hard thing, amiga.

  6. WHAT?!?! Can't believe you got something on time! but yay :)

  7. This is hilarious!!! I had something similar happen last month and was also teased...thanks to tax season, I now have a new computer. ;)