Six Degrees of Elizabeth Taylor?

"Honey, que tienes?  You look sad."

"I am sad.  Elizabeth Taylor passed away."

"I'm sorry, honey!  You're going to miss your tia, aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?!  Liz Taylor was a big time movie star.  She wasn't my aunt."

"Sure she was.  Don't you see the family resemblance?"

"Honey, just because some guy at Blockbuster said I looked like her doesn't mean we're related.  Besides, I don't have her eyebrows."

"No me estas entendiendo.  How many times did Liz Taylor get married?"

"Eight.  I think."

"What about your grandma?  How many times did she get married?"


"Y tu 'step' grandpa?"


"What about your mom?"

"She was only married twice."

"Yeah, but who gave her away at her second wedding."

"My dad.  Where are you going with all of this?"

"Ay, ay, ay!  That cracks me up every time I hear it.  What about your uncles?  How many times have they been married?"

"Three or four.  I lost count."

"Cada uno?"


"What more family resemblance do you want?  Elizabeth Taylor was your long, lost tia!" 

Descanse en Paz, Liz.
All joking aside, Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of glamour, beauty and talent.  My friend Steve, describes her best in his post Losing Liz.  She will be greatly missed.



  1. Sad news. She was stunning and very talented.

  2. She will be missed.

  3. She was so gorgeous!

    Your hubby is so funny!!!!

    PS I'm one of your new followers :)

  4. She was truly a classic beauty!

    Sounds like your family history there is something like mine! lol! :-)

  5. Very sad she is gone. She will be missed. Sounds like your hubby has a great sense of humor!!! =)

  6. Well, it sounds like your marriage was built to last, despite the family heritage :)

    So sad to hear about Liz Taylor. She was generous, fabulous, gorgeous intelligent, philanthropic... and Damn, she had incredible eyebrows.

  7. Thanks for the plug. She was one of those flawed personalities I tend to find attractive. And it may be why I am still single.