My Pink Elephant

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I knew this was going to happen.  Yesterday, I was so preoccupied about something, I could barely think of anything else.  It was one of the longest days of my entire life.  Seriously.

And now that it's all over, I realize that it wasn't that bad and it was only one day.  But still, it's not something I want to do again anytime soon.

So what exactly was this huge pink elephant that I didn't want to talk about?  My oldest son, Nick.

Yesterday was a major religious holiday in our small town.  Every year, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, the entire town closes down to accompany El Señor del Encino back to his home in the neighboring ranch community of "Los Ocotes".

With schools and businesses being closed for the day, my brother-in-law decided to take his family to Guadalajara.  And he invited Nick to go along with them.

It's not the first time he's invited Nick, except Nick's never been able to go because he's either had school or was sick.   But yesterday, he had the day off.

I trust my brother-in-law and his wife completely.  I know they love Nick and that they would always take care of him.  And Nick and his cousins get along extremely well.  And it wouldn't be the first time that Nick has slept at their place. would be the first time that he's slept in Guadalajara, a big city a couple of hours and miles and miles away from home.

During the day, I was fine.  I was happy that Nick had the opportunity to experience all sorts of things that we don't have in our small town, like going to the mall and eating at McDonald's.

But sometime in the late afternoon, Jack asked when his brother was coming home.  Sigh!  That's when it hit me.  Nick wouldn't be returning until the next day.  How could I have let my little boy go to the big city to spend the night without me or Hubby there to watch him?  Of course, I wanted to place all of the blame on Hubby, "Why did you let your brother take my little boy?"  But I knew that I was just as much to blame as Hubby.

Suddenly, everything reminded me of my little boy.  The kiddies watched Nick's favorite TV shows, they snacked on his favorite foods and then we found a tiny little frog in our kitchen, that I knew Nick would have loved.

As the night progressed, the more I worried.  What if he gets sick?  I packed his inhaler, but what if he lost it?  What if he misses me so much that he can't sleep?  What if wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare and needs someone to talk to?  Most of these things have never happened at home.  But what if they did happen while he was in Guadalajara?

I'm his mommy.  I supposed to worry.  It was the third night of his entire life that he's spent away from home.  The first being when he stayed with my sister-in-law while I gave birth to Ashley. The second at a sleepover with his cousins and now his first night in the city.

When I finished yesterday's blog post, I decided it would be best if I went to sleep right away, so it could be Friday already, which meant that Nick would soon be home.   I was pretty sure that I wouldn't get much sleep, but I had to try.

Much to my surprise, I woke up at 6:30 and no longer felt worried.  I was happy that my little boy would soon be home.

At a quarter to 8, Nick knocked on the door, and I knew that once again all was right in my world.



  1. Now this is something that we will never have in common, lol. I must be a horrible mom because I can't wait for Mia to be old enough that Grandma can take her on the two week camping trips to the National Parks. I have been forced to be away from my children for so much of their lives that I don't stress when they aren't with me, I just trust that who they are with will care for them as if they were their own. So far ti's worked out, let's hope I didn't just jinx myself!

  2. My boys, now 24 and 21, will always be my babies. And they both know it to this day. They also remind me how I used to "ground them" until they are 50. They both still grounded.

  3. Between Anita and me I was usually the one overly concerned about our son being away - strange that. It remains the same even as he is now out on his own.

    This may stem from my knowing plenty about the kind of trouble a kid can get in ;-) Could this be your case?

  4. No kids yet, so it's hard for me to understand all the worrying! (Don't worry, I'll be exactly the same as you someday haha) I think it's awesome he got to go to Guadalajara

  5. i'm so glad nick got to go, even if you did worry. i used to think i was the world's biggest worrier but there comes a time when we have to let go. the first time i was apart from both my boys they were about 1 and 3. i was gone for a whole week, but being a navy wife at the time, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a trip with my husband whose ship was gone a good deal of the time. these boys (men) are now 24 and 26. the older one went to iraq and thank God he came home safely. he just started a new job in tenn. and the other one will be moving to l.a. in 10 days. they both left home right after high school to go to college so i am used to them being away, but i do miss them. i don't worry about them like i used to, but like rita said, they'll always be my babies.

    teresa in lake stevens

  6. Wow Im so glad he got to go. At first I thought you were saying you all came here and I was about to Yell at you for not letting me know. I do hope you can all come up some time. Alana is begging to go to Rio Verde and she keeps asking if you all will be there this time. ;)

  7. I completely understand your worry. I get the same way and the more I think about it, the more I worry. Glad he's home and you can relax now.

  8. What a nice experience for your son. I can understand how you must have felt though. I think worrying is part of being a parent. Did your brother-in-law take him to Plaza Andares?

  9. We refer to my youngest as the baby and he always asks me if he'll still be my baby when he's 30.

  10. It's nice to see that dad's are the same way! :) And you are probably right, I know just how much trouble a kid can get into. :)

  11. Like you and Rita, I am sure my kiddies will always be my babies. And I will always worry about them.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend. :)

  12. Just Nick went to Guadalajara! When we all go, I will let you know. Or if you plan on coming to El Rio Verde, just give me a call.

  13. They didn't make to Plaza Andares this time, but they did go to Plaza Mexico, Plaza Grande and Plaza Bonita. Nick had so much fun, he can't wait to go again.