Mi Mexico Monday: La Presa

Last week, in It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I gave you a glimpse of one of my favorite places to visit in our pueblito - La Presa del Estribon.  

La Presa is our reservoir.  (A large man made lake used to store water.)  

On a couple of rare occasions, we have seen jet skis and boats in the water, which was a real treat for all who were visiting La Presa.  But they were private owned.  Last week, we learned that there is now a small boat available to rent for those who aren't afraid of venturing out into a large body of water.  (Not that I have that fear.)

The stairs in the above picture aren't just a way to get to the rental boat. They also serve as a way to measure how much La Presa grows during rain season.  My suegro love to visit La Presa during rain season, just to count how many stairs are left uncovered.  The fewest amount of stairs I have counted is seven.  In the next photograph, what appears to be nothing but dry grass, completely disappears during rain season. 

One of my favorite things about La Presa is the view.

La Presa is also a large recreational park, with 8 palapas and a number of sombras for family gatherings, birthday parties, quinceañeras and wedding receptions.

And the view from the palapas isn't bad.

There are also scenic walking paths (great photo ops), lots of green areas for a picnic and a multitude of trees to hang your hammock.

There is also plenty of fun for the kiddies with two play areas and a basketball court.    

La Presa also has an on-site tiendita, where you can buy all kinds of snacks and beverages, including alcohol.  This general store is also where you can reserve a palapa for a special occasion or rent tables and chairs, for those occasions when you decide to throw an impromptu family get-together.

And coming soon to La Presa is a museo (museum). I for one am really looking forward to it.  And when it does open, you can bet that I will be there to check it out and of course, share the details with all of you.

I've shown you Mi Mexico, now it's time for you to show me yours. 



  1. OK - as you know I am always showing you mine. ;-)

    Looks mighty fine!

  2. I've been to this presa!!! I was like 5 or 6, so it was yearsssssss ago! my grandpa took us there during a cuaresma break.

  3. It's so beautiful! Love the views and the gardens, especially.

    From THAT to only 7 stairs? Oh my

  4. What a nice place to spend some family time

  5. Oh that is beautiful!

  6. I loved the sunsets you posted a couple of days ago! I stole one to use as a wallpaper on my computer! :) (I hope you don't mind!)

  7. What part of Mexico does your family visit? :)

  8. It is a lovely place and it's not that far away. And best of all it's less than 10 minutes away. :)

  9. I'll go back toward the end of rain season to see how much it rains this year. :)

  10. You're welcome to visit anytime! :)

  11. We are definitely going to have a get together at la prensa when I make it over your way for a visit. That place is just beautiful! That is probably the thing I will miss the most about Oregon when we move, the wide open places with scenic views and places for all kinds of recreation.

  12. I love to share all your adventures, thanks for posting them. We really need to get out more. lol