MI Mexico Monday: El Tianguis

It is time once again, for Mi Mexico Mondays.  I know it's been awhile since I've done one of these.   For those of you just joining us, Mi Mexico Mondays are when I show you around my pueblito

This week, I'm going to share a special place that only appears on Sundays...El Tianguis (swap meet/flea market).

Held inside the canchas municipales (basketball courts), there is a wide variety of items for sale under the multi-colored tarps. 

Since El Tianguis is only held on Sundays, there is always a crowd.  Always.

You can find shoes for the entire family.

Laundry baskets and plastic toys.

Clothes, accesories, plants, produce, used tools.

Video games, CD's and DVD's.  All pirated versions. 

One of my favorite places to visit has socks for just 5 pesos a pair.  (Less than 50 cents U.S.)  A real steal, especially if your socks have a habit of disappearing, like mine do

Love to cook?  You can find just about everything you need for your kitchen right here.

After a long morning of shopping and walking under the hot sun, you'll need something to help cool you off.  Why not buy some old-fashioned nieve de garrafa (ice cream) from Chuy Nieves' brothers and dad?

If you're looking for something a little healthier, stop by this fruit stand where you can buy a large cup of sliced pineapple, watermelon, mango, papaya, cucumber and/or jicama for a mere 10 pesos.

And while you're there, quench your thirst with a refreshing cup of agua de coco (coconut water), also for only 10 pesos.

So...if you're ever in the neighborhood on a Sunday, be sure to stop by El Tianguis.

I've shown you part of Mi Mexico, now show me yours! 



  1. Our city has a tianguis 3 x's a week; but in different areas. I go to the one in centro which is on Wednesdays. Good place to get fresh veggies, etc..
    Whenever I go to the tianguis in the next town over which is on Sundays and is packed with people always, I HAVE to have a shrimp taco at one particular stand. I have been going there for a shrimp taco since I first came here, they are always really, really yummy, naturally accompanied by a cold coke.. After I have my taco I then head down the way to the next favorite stand where I buy my dessert, a bag of Churros. Talk about a full meal deal lol. The best meal for very few pesos. Yikes, now I am wishing it was not Monday which is soooo far away from Sunday.
    Have a great week.

  2. Now I'm craving horchata de arroz.

  3. Cool pics - I wonder why it's only held on Sundays??

  4. I love el tianguis!! it's one of the things I missed the most about Mexico.. then I went back to visit and found out they changed location and it got smaller. It wasn't as fun anymore! But I still got a cup of fruit and an agua de alfalfa, my favorite!

  5. Wish I was there amiga! Que hermoso evento!!! I love open air markets! =)

  6. How exciting. Thanks for the tour, it was fun.

  7. The fruits and coconuts look refreshing!

    In Cancun we have a smaller tianguis on Saturdays, then a big one on Sundays. Not as cool as yours, though!

  8. I loved this post! So neat to see where you live and things that go on there. I remember when my husband1st moved to the south he would ask if he had a swap meet. I had no clue what a swap meet was because i was use to the word flea market. anyways, I really wanted to visit one when we were visiting in Mexico, one of his brother in laws was working really hard on pirating some dvds...jajaja but we never got to go..... Looks like fun!

  9. Thanks for showing us around! I love to see how your little corner of the world is different from mine. I need the sock vendor! lol

  10. Thats crazy! Ten pesos for the coconut or fruit cups! What a deal! Your looking at 3 or 4 bucks here!

  11. love the photos! tianguis are my #1 favorite thing about mexico